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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello Everyone,

In my previous blog I have demonstrated How to create Pay Component in One Time Portlet using Integration Center. If you have not gone thru it please follow the link How to Create Pay component in One Time Portlet using Integration Center   before continuing this blog because most of the steps are in common from previous blog. In this blog I'll demonstrate How to Delete Pay Component from One Time Portlet using Integration Center

In the previous blog I created the Pay component  if Employee Time off Absences got Approved. But what happen if the absences got Cancelled later on after the approval of Absence then in this case system should automatically Delete the Pay component from One time Portlet.

I am going show you only the changes in the Integration Job we need to do so that system will pick up the same employee and delete the same pay component which was created earlier upon approval.

Step 1. Copy the Integration Center Job of Creating Pay component give the name as desired

Step 2.  Goto Configure Fields Section and Select the Operation String Field from One Time Payment Entity 

Step 3. In the Default Value, mention DELETE

Delete 1.jpg

Step 4. Click on Next

Step 5. In Filter and Sort Section, under Advanced filters, Approval Status where I have used as APPROVED. Change it to CANCELLED.  

Delete 2.jpg

Step 6: Save the and schedule the job as per your requirements.

It will Delete the create pay components from the One Time Portlet as expected.

I hope you guys will like this blog. Please let me know your thoughts and queries in the comment section.

Happy Learning

Thanks  & Regards


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