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With today’s fast pace of innovation, business processes continually evolve, with new ones emerging more quickly than we can keep track of. These new and changing processes must not only be learned by users, but they need to be documented so users have a clear understanding of how to use the technology and don’t follow outdated processes. A seamless connection or “handshake” between business processes and knowledge transfers is therefore vital for user productivity, efficiency, and empowerment. To better facilitate this handshake, SAP has created a direct integration of ARIS (Architecture of Integrated Information Systems) with SAP Enable Now.

ARIS is a well-recognized solution for optimizing business processes and executing application systems. It offers unique capabilities for analyzing complex processes and provides comprehensive views of process design, management workflow and application processing. SAP Enable Now is SAP’s digital adoption solution, flexibly designed to support organizations with how each employee learns best. In streamlining the interface between these two, users can now benefit from the direct synchronization of business process models and the corresponding documentation.

How It Works

To begin the integration, ARIS business modeling processes are first imported into the SAP Enable Now Producer by following the path from Tools to Business Process Models to the ARIS Import option (see Infocenter page on ARIS integration).

ARIS Import / Export

Processes modeled within ARIS will appear as a hierarchical group structure to support the learning content in the “Workarea.” When the importation into SAP Enable Now is complete, content developers have the ability to create any kind of content or asset with the assurance that all materials will be stored within the relevant SAP Enable Now Manager.

Structure in Producer

The new content can be incorporated to models and objects in ARIS as well as rolled out within the user’s organization. For faster, more simplified access, only links to SAP Enable Now training material are exported back into ARIS, rather than whole documents themselves. To initiate the export step, the path intuitively reflects the import option: Tools to Business Process Models to ARIS Export option.

The links to learning content or information can then be quickly accessed by looking at the properties or attributes feature within an ARIS business process model. Additionally, ARIS has the option to specify all material and documentation relevant to SAP Enable Now, further supporting effective and streamlined learning and workflow.

Sample Attribute in ARIS

Benefits of the Synchronization

A critical component of ARIS is its expert business process modeling, which graphically represents any variety of a company’s processes to provide information and insights. Since the original debut of ARIS import structures in November 2019, we’ve improved the offering to include enhanced features. As of November 2020, users can utilize the following optimizations:

  • To make the selection of business process model types easier, the options are displayed with real names—but can still be identified by their ID.

  • To make the search for specific business models simpler, the new integrated search feature enables users to search by real model name or UID.

  • Users can download models in the language of their choice.

While this is not the first or only solution integration SAP offers, the integrated ARIS and SAP Enable Now interface provides for specific functionalities and benefits, including:

  • The ability to automatically manage files and links, instead of manually moving them.

  • Saving time when updating processes and the relevant documentation as the processes evolve.

  • Regular updates to alert authors to where and when documentation needs to be revised.

  • Ease of managing and maintaining documentation.

  • The ability to delete items within SAP Enable Now and have the changes automatically reflected in ARIS.

  • Overall increased awareness for the end user through the simplified handshake between ARIS and SAP Enable Now.

Ultimately, this synchronization between ARIS and SAP Enable Now allows users to more easily, flexibly and effectively make and consume changes to their processes and the necessary corresponding documentation—while also utilizing the learning content powered by SAP Enable Now.

 For additional information on ARIS and SAP Enable Now, check out this video.

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