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Product and Topic Expert

During the annual compensation cycle it can be useful for compensation planners to keep track of how many employees reporting to them (directly and especially in lower management levels) have already been reviewed and how many are still being reviewed.

A simple way to do that is to create a Compensation dashboard on the SuccessFactors home page and make it only visible to planners and system administrators.


Reason for this topic :

Creating a custom Compensation dashboard can be complex because it is controlled by a multitude of permissions and actions to become visible on the Home Page.



The most common issue when building custom compensation dashboards is the error message : "There is no data to be visualized" :

This issue can have multiple causes :
• A mistake in the configuration of the Chart Data section of your custom dashboard.
• Not enough data available for the template (no worksheets created or all worksheets already completed).
• A problem with the scope of the Role the dashboard is in in Role Based Permissions.



In the recording below, we go through all the steps needed to create a custom compensation dashboard and make it available for compensation planners on their home page.



Once you have successfully created your first custom compensation dashboard, all you need to do from year to year is change its name and update the Data Set it needs to pull data from.

All materials in this article were inspired by recent implementations that are now live. Please highlight if you see anything that needs to be corrected or if you have encountered easier ways to meet customer requirements on this particular topic.



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