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The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have dramatically changed our personal lives and our work lives. And even though there is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel the impact of the pandemic on the future of work is likely to be longer-lasting.

From a business perspective – what we are seeing across all the 25 industries that SAP serves is that every industry is being disrupted. And every company that wants to compete in this economy is undergoing a massive transformation. In fact, due to the pandemic, we are seeing a huge acceleration in digital transformation projects. Why? Because customers have realized that they must digitize, they must interconnect their front-office to their back-office functions so that they can be more nimble, agile, and resilient. This way they can effectively serve the changing requirements of their customers.

When you look at the very core of each transformation project, and you peel away the layers, every transformation is a people transformation. We all know that talent is a huge competitive advantage for any company – big or small. Having the right talent can significantly influence the growth and success of a company. Against this backdrop, the business outcome that is expected of the chief HR officers is to be able to deliver exceptional workforce experiences that keep people engaged, inspired, and give their very best. One of the key aspects in accomplishing this business outcome is to realize that people and their experiences matter. HR cannot remain siloed but needs to proactively interact with other parts of the business, like Finance, Sales, Procurement, and IT. People data and insights need to be harmonized and utilized across all the lines of business (LoB) functions, so leaders have access to a consistent set of data that informs their decisions and their People agenda.

Having said all this, the following 10 questions bubble up:

  1. What does SAP offer to the Chief HR Officers to help them accomplish their expected business outcome?

  2. How does SAP’s holistic strategy come together for the Chief HR Officers?

  3. How are SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management Suite, Recruit to Retire business process, and SAP Intelligent Enterprise related? Why should you care?

  4. How does SAP define the Recruit to Retire (also known as Total Workforce Management) business process?

  5. What integrations are customers demanding from SAP and how has it influenced our product engineering priorities?

  6. What role does SAP Business Technology Platform play in the end-to-end business process integrations?

  7. What are SAP’s Suite Qualities? How does it help drive business value for customers?

  8. What master data harmonization efforts have yielded for the Hire to Retire business process?

  9. How has MOD Pizza, an SAP customer, leveraged the latest master data integrations to connect their HR and Finance systems and drive a smooth flowing Hire to Retire process at their company?

  10. What assets can I leverage to influence my HR transformation projects?


All these questions and more will be covered in an SAP TechEd 2021 session by myself and Ryan Muller of MOD Pizza on Tuesday, November 16th. Sign up with this link: Connect People Across the Intelligent Enterprise.


SAP’s holistic cloud strategy is working across the globe and has been strongly validated by its latest Q3 earnings performance. Customers like MOD Pizza are confidently moving forward in their journey to becoming an intelligent enterprise. Have you started yours? Please do sign up for SAP TechEd 2021 and find out how.


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