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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Have you enabled Online Report Designer in your instance and now confused with controlling the permission? This blog will help you in answering some of your basic queries and solve the issue on your own. The entire permission can be controlled by Customer/Partner without engaging SAP Successfactors.

In 1608 release, Successfactors introduced 2 new switches under Admin Center-> Manage Workforce Analytics for controlling the ORD permission from BizX RBP.

  1. Function and Option Permissions - To control ORD Tools permission

  2. Measure and Dimension Permissions(Only for WFA instances) - To control WFA Measures & Dimension permission

You still have an option not to choose the above setting and control the ORD/WFA permissions from the ORD Application itself as before therefore it becomes important to understand both the permission model.

End to End Steps involved in Setting up ORD


Integrated RBP Permissions- ON & Report Center is Enabled


Integrated RBP Permissions - OFF & Report Center is NOT enabled.


 Integrated RBP Permissions - ON & Report Center is NOT enabled.


Integrated RBP Permissions - OFF & Report Center is enabled (Not Recommended)

This is not a recommended approach as it has it own disadvantages.

  • Since Report Center is enabled, you won't get the "Show Analytics" permission in RBP.

  • Any user having Report Center permission will get access to ORD with the default role set in Org Local Config.

  • You cannot fully control the ORD access.

It is recommended to use Integrated RBP Permission when Report Center is enabled.

Common Issues 

Are you struggling with any of the below scenarios?

Scenario 1: ORD is setup but can’t see Show Analytics Permission in RBP?

Show Analytics permission only appear if customer is not using Report Center because

  • If Report Center is enabled – “Show Analytics” permission will not be visible

  • If Report Center is disabled - Show Analytics permission will be visible


Scenario 2: ORD is set up but can’t see Report Canvas under Report Center?

Is Integrated RBP Permission ON? Yes

(Check it from Admin Center -> Manage Workforce Analytics -> Functional and Optional Permission Switch)

Resolution: You need to check if the permissions are assigned in RBP or not. Follow below steps:

  1. Go to RBP Role -> Analytics Permission -> Functional Permissions -> Grant below permission

  • Report – Canvas Designer -> To run the Canvas Report shared with user

  • Report - Canvas Designer Admin-> To run any canvas report created in the instance

  • Detailed Reporting -> Permission to create Canvas Reports

  1. You can give other permissions based on your requirement.

Is Integrated RBP Permission ON? No

(Check it from Admin Center -> Manage Workforce Analytics -> Functional and Optional Permission Switch)

Resolution: You need to check the role assigned to the user under User Maintenance. If the assigned role has restricted permission, you need to change it. Follow below step:

Once the ORD is enabled, the first user logging in to ORD is assigned to "Implementation Partner" role( which has maximum admin permissions). At least one of the user in your Organization will have “Implementation partner” or similar role having maximum permissions (to edit user roles). You have to contact that user and perform below task:

  1. Go to Report Center -> Go to Admin (via editing any existing report or via View Schedules-> Switch to Legacy Report Distributor) -> User Maintenance

  2. Search for the user who is unable to see Report Canvas

  3. Select the user account and click Edit User.

  4. Check what is the Role assigned to the user.

  5. If the role assigned is having Restricted permission (like Standard Report Consumer role), then you have to change the role.


Scenario 3: What is a default role in Online Report Designer and How to change my default role ?( Applicable only for customers using RBP Integrated Permissions)

  • Default role is the role which is assigned to any new user who has permission to access ORD and logging in for the first time to his/her ORD account.

  • Follow below guide to change the default role: