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Do you want to Configure SAP Enable Now Web Assistant without WebDispatcher?

Are you using SAP S/4Hana OnPrem 2020 or newer and want to configure Web Assistant without using WebDispatcher or another Reverse Proxy? First you need to have S/4Hana version 2020 or newer.

SAP S/4HanaOnPrem 2020:

Configure Web Assistant without WebDispatcher Configuration in SAPGUI front-end system

1. Start transaction /n/ui2/flp_cus_conf

2. Select folder Launchpad Configuration Set ENABLE_HELP = true

3. Select Launchpad Plug-Ins

4. Click on new Entries, and enter WEB_ASSISTANT_HELP_PLUGIN Enter in URL field and save your changes.

5. Click on Folder Configuration

6. Set your WebAssistant parameters as usual. Then add PARAMETERS and set it to resourceUrl=

7. Save your changes.

Now close your browser window, reopen it and login again in your Fiori Launchpad and you should be able to see the ? icon to open WebAssistant.


For more information see this support note:3022494 - SAP S/4HanaOnPrem 2020: Configure Web Assistant without WebDispatcher