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Product and Topic Expert

Title: Exciting Configuration Transport Center   Product Enhancements in H2 2023: Elevating Your Configuration Change Management Process.

!!! Configuration Center has a new name now to reflect the purpose-> Configuration Transport Center.!!!


As we step into the second half of 2023, we are thrilled to introduce a range of enhanced features and capabilities in our Configuration Transport Center product. These enhancements are designed to empower administrators, streamline configuration change management, and enhance audit compliance across various modules. Let's dive into the key features that will transform your configuration change management experience.

Improved Coverage

One of the primary enhancements in H2 2023 is the increased support for various configurations. Now, administrators can transport MDF Data, including both Standard and Customer Objects(Object category must of Configuration or non-Person Transactional Data allowed for transport), Corporate/Country Specific Data Models, Business Configuration UI (BCUI), Legacy Foundation Objects (FOs), Business Rules, Permission Groups (RBP Groups), and more with ease. Our product now covers majority of the configurations in Employee Central, Talent, Performance Management, Goals, Succession, 360, Development, and People Profile, providing a comprehensive solution for your configuration transport needs.

Key New Features:

  1. Avoid Conflicting Changes

To enhance configuration management, we've introduced a feature that allows administrators to restrict adding the same configuration to multiple transport bundles. This ensures that changes are tracked and implemented seamlessly without any conflicts, saving time and effort.

Refer Restrict a User from Adding Same Configurations to Multiple Change Requests Using Configuration Cent....

  1. Enhanced Audit Compliance

To ensure that your systems are audit-compliant, we've added a significant capability. Administrators now need not have edit permissions on productive tenants at each configuration level. This feature is vital for maintaining tenant data integrity and compliance.

  1. Improved Import History Reporting

We understand the importance of traceability in configuration change management. That's why we've enhanced the Import history report. The new report includes two key details: "Modified By User" and "Modified By Date" from the source tenant. This feature provides end-to-end traceability of changes, allowing you to track who made a change, when it occurred, In which development tenant the change was introduced, and by whom.Easily track changes from Change Request to import.

Refer Enhancement to Import Summary Report in Configuration Center.

  1. Add To Transport Bundle' Functionality

To streamline the configuration change management process, administrators can now use the 'Add To Transport Bundle' feature directly from the native configuration pages. Whether it's configuring Object Definitions, Managing Data, BCUI, or Configuration Rules, this feature simplifies the process.

In H2 2023, our CTC product enhancements offer a wide array of features that elevate your configuration change management experience. From increased support for various configurations to conflict prevention, audit compliance, improved traceability, and streamlined management, our goal is to make your administration tasks smoother and more efficient. These enhancements mark a significant step forward in simplifying your HR configuration change management.

Stay tuned for updates and make the most of these features to enhance your configuration change management capabilities in the second half of 2023!

Limitations of Configuration Transport Center

 Here some of the current limitations within the Configuration Transport Center (CTC). While CTC continues to be a robust platform, it's important to acknowledge areas where improvements are on our radar. Let's delve into these limitations, providing you with a clear understanding of alternatives.

Please continue to use Instance Sync Tool (IST) for moving configurations:

  1. Compensation and Variable Pay Lookup Tables.

  2. Families and Roles.

  3. Competencies.

  4. Form Label Translations.

  5. MDF Configuration UIs.

  6. Workflow Groups.

  7. RBP Roles.

  8. ONB2.0 and Recruiting.

Please refer our help guide to learn more.