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This upcoming May, thousands of students across the world will take their steps across the graduation stage to earn a diploma, with many more looking to the closure of their formal academic career soon on the horizon.  

However, in this job market, today’s graduating students may find it tougher to find employment. A recent report by indicated that even when applicants met ninety percent of the job qualifications, only five percent of all application were met with interest from an employer. As the world market continues to tighten, college students may find the pressure to be able to stand out to future employers.  

Don’t fret! One of the great ways that students can stand out is by learning SAP skills. While SAP is a large company with plenty of career opportunities itself, students should know that SAP has over 200 million subscribers in it’s cloud user base. These skills are in demand, and with 87 percent of total global commerce generated by SAP customers, it is something that students should consider before they cross that stage.  

SAP has built learning journeys specifically for students that provide general and more in-depth information for specific careers on how SAP software can be impactful to them. The best part? They are completely free! 

Make sure to start off by understanding what we do, and where our software is used with this learning journey. Once you’ve completed that, you can go more in-depth with our whole end-to-end business processes in SAP’s intelligent suite. More learning journeys are available in specific areas, divided between those who aspire to be a developer, consultant, or data analyst.  

On the Student Zone website, you can explore potential careers inside and outside of SAP, as well as linked job openings to learning journeys from our German partners. On SAP Community, you can receive support and prepare for potential certification.  

For this year’s graduates – congratulations! Earning a degree is no small feat. No matter your aspirations, SAP wants to support you with free and accessible training that is available all day, every day. Having these skills can give you a leg-up to get you from application to job offer.  

Fill the gap through upskilling and enjoy SAP’s learning offerings on the SAP Learning site. This article is created and brought to you by SAP Product Learning CoE experts!