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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

I am one of the newest members of the HXM Growth & Insights team, having joined in December as the Operations Expert. With the recent migration of the SAP SuccessFactors Community to the SAP Community, we refreshed our content on the Growth and Insights HR Research Library page. Check out the updated page today. On it, you will find expert papers, blogs & articles, and webinars & presentations that answers questions like: what does the future of HR look like – and what are the hot topics today? You can explore the latest human resource trends, research, and insights from HR transformation experts around areas such as people sustainability, fostering lifelong learning, and enabling dynamic teams.

We have many exciting additions to our library in the works! Our original research programs for 2023 include:

  • 2023 HR Meta-Trends​: What are the most pressing challenges facing organizations in 2023, and how can HR technology help solve them? ​
  • Exploring the Impact of Intelligent Technology on EX​: How can intelligent HR technology be a help and not a hindrance to an employee’s experience at work? ​
  • Transforming People Management​: How can HR technology enable people managers to meet the evolving demands of their role?​
  • Realizing Employee Potential​: How can HR technology help organizations assess, understand, and realize employees’ potential? ​

We also create integrated points of view that review existing research on a topic, and we have several coming soon as well:

  • Cultivating Psychological Safety​: Senior leaders, people managers, and individual contributors have unique roles to play in fostering psychological safety.​
  • Metaverse​: What specific applications of metaverse technology could be the most impactful for HR and employees?​
  • Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)​: What opportunities are there to use ONA in HR technology?​
  • The Future of Hybrid Work​: What role does HR technology play in facilitating the hybrid work models of the future?​

So be sure to bookmark our Growth and Insights HR Research Library page and stay tuned for the latest updates.