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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Entering in duplicate data, correcting information before it flows to another part of the process, chasing information from users. Sound familiar? If so, business rules may be the remedy for you!

Many customers are using business rules to improve data integrity and create more efficient processes. Over the years, we have witnessed many clever, creative, and impactful ways to automate, propagate, validate, calculate, and default data in the system.

Are there times when it would be nice to warn a user to enter data, or provide a pop-up message as someone is completing a form, such as the requisition template?  Good news, business rules can help you accomplish this!

Deana Janowsksy, SAP’s IT Application Senior Consultant for Recruiting, shared “if something is repeatable and reliable - then it is a use case for a business rule.” An example of how SAP uses business rules in SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting was by adding a pop-up message to the requisition template. With the recent salary transparency on job descriptions needed in some US states, a prompt was needed to remind recruiters that an extra step was needed before posting requisitions. Adding a business rule with a pop-up message informing the recruiter about the action that they need to take has reduced mistakes and rework by 50%.

Deana’s advice is to keep things simple. Is there a repetitive task that your users may be entering, or a field that needs duplicate data?  Explore creating a business rule. Are there times when you need users to take an extra action or remind them of something in the process? Explore creating a business rule.

Below are some resources that will be helpful as you see how business rules can help create efficiencies in your processes:

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This is a blog from an archive - Share your Business Rule Examples for Recruiting - SAP Community Groups. This is a great resource to view sample business rules that other customers have provided.

In the spirit of sharing information and networking – we encourage you to use this blog to comment and share any successes your organization has had with business rules. If you or your implementation partner have created unique business rules to meet your business needs with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, please use this blog to share and learn from each other on the value and power of this functionality.