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In the past, I have encountered several customers reporting that when they try saving the Offer Templates in Provisioning after uploading the templates, the system returns a blank screen.

This is purely a configuration related issue that can be resolved if the below steps are followed.


Blank screen appears when trying to save Offer templates in Provisioning


SuccessFactors BizX - Recruiting Management(RCM)

Issue Reproduction

1. Login to Provisioning and select the company ID on which you would like to work

2. Navigate to Company Settings > Manage Recruiting > Import/Update/Export Offer Detail template

3. Browse the template that you would like to upload and click on the Upload button

4. Now click Save Changes button. You will get a blank screen as follows :


In the database, if the template name is stored wrongly, whereas, in the Offer template the name given is different, then while saving the templates, the system throws a NULL POINTER EXCEPTION thereby returning a blank screen as shown above.


To solve this issue, change the Offer template name, for example, if in the database it is stored as  AAA and in the Offer template you have stored it as AAABBB, then change it as below : FROM






Now, upload the template and Save Changes.