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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

There is a change in the benefit employee claim import process. I will explain the steps to be followed while importing benefit employee claim

What is the change in 1811 ?

Data type of “external code” field within  benefit employee claim object is changed in 1811. It was auto-number and now It’s changed to string.

Following restrictions are to be followed while importing benefit claims.

1.Enter an ID that contains only digits (0-9), uppercase or lowercase Latin letters (A-Z or a-z). It can include an underscore, but not as a first character and the length of the character should be less than or equal to 32.

2.Do not use # or any other special-character except an underscore in the ID of the parent (Benefit Employee Claim) record. # should also not be used to create the reference between parent and child records.

3.Admin will need to provide a unique alphanumeric ID for new record creation. The parent record and the corresponding child records will have to refer to this ID for correct mapping. For example, assume a unique ID ‘A_1234’ for the parent record, it must be mapped to its corresponding child record, and the parent and child records would need to be imported together.

Below is an example of the import file for Benefit Employee Claim object followed by the Benefit Employee Claim Detail with the same ID:

Parent record (benefit employee claim).Id is highlighted below


Child record: Add the id of parent(check above) in the benefit employee claim id field in the benefit employee claim detail(child) csv file


4. Any integrations built on these objects are not maintained by SAP SuccessFactors and must be verified by the customer.

External code of benefit enrollment object also will get changed to string in future release,hence we recommend to follow above steps while importing benefit enrollments too.