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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
We’ve all seen them. We’ve all been confused by them. We’ve all thought, “Who wrote that job description?!”

It’s mission critical to your business that the job descriptions you post are accurate so candidates actually know what your company is hiring for in any online job posting.

Artificial Intelligence- Unlocking True Intelligence In Recruiting 

Consider this: AI (Artificial Intelligence)  is also “reading” your job descriptions to connect your jobs with talent who possesses the right skills and competencies. But AI is only as smart as the data it receives. AI in recruiting starts with intelligent job descriptions and the human intelligence to construct them well.

According to 2021 McKinsey research found that 67% of businesses have accelerated their adoption of AI and other automated technologies since the start of the pandemic. It is as close to inevitable as possible that AI will change the way millions of jobs are handled and organized.

Likewise, matching talent with the jobs of tomorrow will require that we focus on skills instead of tasks, according to the article It’s Time to Rethink Job Descriptions for the Digital Era, recently published in the Harvard Business Review. “This will help to identify the right talent with the necessary skills to accomplish a goal, without locking individuals into a specific role or saddling them with inflexible job titles,” says author Tyrone Smith, global head of People Analytics and Insights at Udemy.

“In practice, this involves hiring managers, HR executives, and other people managers emphasizing development and growth, rather than portraying job responsibilities as constrained within a particular ‘lane.’”

He summarizes, “The bottom line: employees should feel empowered encouraged to learn and grow outside of their normal daily work routine, and enthusiastic about the prospects of developing their careers without the pressures of stringent job descriptions, responsibilities, or titles.”

Brilliant Hire-The Perfect Match for Your Job

Brilliant Hire recently rolled out Recruiter Match Score functionality, using AI in combination with the client’s skills and competencies on job descriptions to provide intelligence to recruiters who are trying to identify best fit candidates for their requisitions.  This approach is core to ensuring that AI is doing it’s job of matching candidates skills with the skills associated to the job. Brilliant Hire produces a match level that allows the recruiter to quickly and easily assess if the candidate should move on in the process or not. This is a significant time saver for clients, recruiters especially see value in this when recruiting for high volume positions.  Checkout this quick demo to see Recruiter Match Score in action.


The most common comment Brilliant Hire get from clients is, we don’t have “ good” job descriptions  or we don’t have competencies or skills on our job descriptions today. This certainly presents a challenge in the world of AI, where having powerful data like skills and competencies can help empower the technology.

Successfactors provides powerful functionality to help customers maximize their job descriptions not only for recruiting but also as it relates to performance, compensation, development and succession and much more!

SAP Successfactors Recruiting Solution- Building Impactful Job Descriptions

Successfactor’s Job Profile Builder ( JPB) is a tool used to build a complete job profile with multiple content types to be used across the suite. JPB allows companies to identify job descriptions that include capabilities required, such as skills, experience, education, competencies and behaviors, for each role within the organization. These areas can then be leveraged in recruiting, onboarding  and on into performance, compensation and development. Check out a demo of JPB to learn more.



Competencies- No Longer Just for Performance Reviews

Additionally, competencies play another key role in helping power Brilliant Hires Recruiter Match Score functionality. Competencies are used not only to help develop job description requirements but also play a key role in defining the role itself and help drive performance evaluations for employees. Successfactors Recruiting also relies on competencies when using Interview Central.

Interview Central, uses competencies as part of the interview process, hiring managers can access interview central and view the correlating competencies associated with the role they are filling. Hiring managers can then assess and interview against these areas, they can provide ratings  ultimately indicating an overall score, which can be viewed by the interview team to determine which candidate scored the highest.

Competencies and skills are a powerful part of the overall recruiting process from the initial job description, to the Recruiter Match Score capabilities with Brilliant Hire thru to the interview evaluations. Developing Brilliant job descriptions starts with the basics, and skills and competencies are critical to your success!