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The following post relates to the Cloud version of Enable Now; Enable Now On Premise customers must plan, implement and execute their own content backup strategy.

Enable Now is a collaborative content authoring and distribution system that allows multiple authors to create and publish content.  During the authoring process, performed with Producer or Instant Producer, content is initially created and updated locally before being synchronised to Manager, the server component.  Content located on local authoring PCs is not backed up, however, once new content or content changes have been synchronised to Manager, they will be automatically backed up.

Disaster recovery

New content and content changes that are synchronised to Manager are automatically backed up every 2 hours by an incremental backup.  Enable Now cloud customers do not need to do anything to initiate this backup process; the backup strategy automatically commences when a new cloud environment is provisioned.

Along with the incremental backup that occurs every 2 hours, the Enable Now database logs are backed up every 30 minutes and a complete backup performed once every 24 hours.  All backups are encrypted and stored at a secure, off site location for 14 days, before being deleted.

When considering the safety of their content, customers must understand that backups are performed for disaster recovery purposes, e.g. the complete failure of a database or content server.  Backups are not created to enable the restoration of individual content objects that have accidently been deleted.

To ensure the complete safety of content, SAP recommends that customers also carefully consider who within their authoring team is permitted to permanently delete content from their Enable Now Trash.  This permission should be restricted to a small number of senior content authors and administrators who can act as a second level of oversight, to limit the risk of accidental content deletion.

Customer triggered content backups

Outside the regular backup strategy performed for all Enable Now Cloud systems, customers can trigger ad hoc backups of their content for varying reasons, including just prior to the decommissioning of their Enable Now system.  Customers can trigger an ad hoc backup of their content by raising an SAP support ticket, with the Component KM-WPB-MGR.  It is important to state the start date and time of the backup and details of where the backup is to be placed after it has been completed.

Along with requesting SAP to perform an ad hoc backup of their Enable Now content, customers can also perform their own backup using the Export functionality in Producer.  Customers have the ability of export the entire contents and settings of a Workarea into an Enable Now archive file, which can then be used a backup, if required.

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