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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
When a user would modify filter selection the system would look to auto-update the visualizations prior to the full selection of filters being selected by the user. This caused unnecessary re-loading of visualizations and contributed to a sub-optimal user experience when an end user was modifying filters. This was identified as one of the reasons users can encounter our 100 parallel query guardrails. By using the Apply Selection functionality, it limits the number of queries being processed to only the final selection by the user. This improves the loading time of the story and conserves system resources for requested query updates. 


Apply Selection enables you to set filter values while running a Story report only after clicking on the "Apply Selection" button. This feature must be enabled at the Story report level and is not a global setting. Report Creators can choose between the old “Confirm Selection on Select” functionality, which has the system auto-update visualizations on selection or use “Confirm Selection Apply”, which uses the enhanced “Apply Selection” click for their new Stories. 


For existing Stories, the “Confirm Selection on Select” will be utilized unless the report is modified via the Edit Story -> Story Details -> Story Filter Selection Settings workflow as shown in the screenshots below.


  • Edit the Story report 

  • Go to Story Details 


  • Scroll down on the right side of the window and choose the "Confirm Selection on Apply" button

  • Click on Save


  • Now the filters will only work after clicking on the "Apply Selection" button.


Video - Apply Selection for filters.


Note: This feature must be enabled at each Story report.