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Product and Topic Expert
Change is the new normal. All organizations are experiencing it, and many CHROs are seeing a dramatic shift in HR from delivering transactional excellence to becoming architects of digital transformation.  The new world of work operates differently, and how work gets done in HR is changing.

HR is one of the most document-intensive areas in an organization - HR professionals are managing on average 30-50 unique HR documents per employee.1 Many HR departments maintain largely paper-based employee files.  The manual process of copying, storing, filing, faxing is time consuming, costly and error prone. Often, employee files are stored in different locations, creating even more inefficiencies and exposing the organization to compliance risk.

As HR documents continue to grow in volume and variety, they are spreading across disparate on-premise and cloud systems, applications, inboxes and both public and private storage devices. Today, many organizations still struggle with manual, siloed and heavily administrative processes to manage employee documents, to maintain legal compliance and to ensure information security.  HR document management solutions are not meeting today’s (and tomorrow’s) demands of the modern organization.

Introducing SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM by OpenText

SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM is a comprehensive enterprise solution for the simple, secure and compliant management of HR documents from creation to disposition. With SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM, you can more easily create and manage all HR documents, ensure complete employee records, and set permissions for access and control – all from one centralized location. And, records management helps ensure legal and regulatory requirements are adhered to.  As a result, SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM enables a more efficient HR organization, increases HR productivity and reduces risk.

Image 1: SAP SuccessFactors homepage - Access SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM via tiles on the SAP SuccessFactors homepage.

 Create a complete digital record of your employee files.

Build and maintain a complete digital record of all your employees, from hire to retire.  With SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM, content can be digitized, stored in a central and secure repository and associated with an employee’s file. From one single view, you can simplify the processing, managing, and securing of all personnel and applicant documents, streamlining HR processes as you do so. With full text search, and a hierarchical folder structure, you can rapidly retrieve all of the relevant information and documents they need. You can also find, tag and file documents quickly and easily from one centralized solution.  Leveraging SAP SuccessFactors role-based permissions, you can help ensure that only authorized users can upload and view documents through a self-service portal.  And, at the push of a button, you can report on and collect any and all employee documents when required - report by office, country, team, or any SAP SuccessFactors defined group.

Image 2:  Employee workspace - Quickly find employee documents with secure access to a central repository of all employee information – in one digital employee file.

Ensure compliance with streamlined, secure and compliant records management.

With SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM, you can limit compliance risk and improve HR productivity. Depending on your organization, country, or region, the type of documents stored in employee files may vary. This solution lets you set rules defining whether a particular document type must be retained in an employee’s file and set the duration of the validity of the document, all from one central view. These rules are then applied to all the same document types added to employees’ files going forward. You can create automated retention policies based on local and regional regulatory standards, and you can manage employee documents according to country- and region-specific regulations. Employee documents that have exceeded the defined retention period can be deleted through an HR workflow with proper approvals and audit information. The solution can also detect if documents are missing or out of date, and both the employee and your HR team are notified in such cases, enabling you to remedy the situation.

Image 3: Document completeness check - Easily identify out-of-date and missing employee documents with a document completeness check.

Deliver a world class employee experience with dynamic HR communication.

Quickly and easily create personalized global employee correspondence and automatically store a copy in the employee’s file. A centralized template library makes it quick and easy to manage and update templates, and ensure document styling and branding consistency.  A text resource library makes it so that pre-developed text can be reused and shared across authorized users, improving operational efficiencies. Employees can self-generate documents, such as employment verification letters and proof of earnings statements and HR can batch generate documents which are unique and specific to each employee, such as compensation statements, bonus (equity) letters, global assignment letters, and promotion letters. All documents generated are versioned, helping ensure that everybody knows the most relevant iteration of every document in an employee’s file. Once you send the document to your employee, the application automatically stores a copy, capturing full audit information in the employee’s file.

Image 4: HR Template Designer- Build and update document templates with the template designer.

Run successfully in all environments.

Whether you are using the on-premise SAP ERP Human Capital Management solution, cloud-based SAP SuccessFactors solutions, or a hybrid, SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM can help you improve efficiency levels for HR document management. You can store employee documents in a centralized repository and access them from either on-premise or cloud solutions. And if you are moving from on premise to cloud, you do not have to migrate documents, as they are already centrally stored within the solution, substantially reducing migration costs. With the ability to bridge on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments, SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM gives you a centralized employee document repository accessible from all three deployment models.

SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM provides an integrated, comprehensive and centralized document management solution so you can easily manage and access HR documents from directly within your HR system.

By digitally transforming your HR organization, you can minimize manual tasks and increase HR efficiency and productivity. Additional benefits of SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM include:

  • Streamlined HR processes and reduced operational costs

  • Centralized document storage for better management

  • Minimized audit and compliance risk

  • Tighter document security and access control

  • Reduction in legal, audit and administrative costs

To learn more about SAP SuccessFactors Extended ECM please visit our website or contact your SAP SuccessFactors account representative.

“HR Excellence in Content Management”, HCI Research in partnership with OpenText,2012.