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Highly engaged employees are critical and not just for the sake of a warm, fuzzy feeling in an organization. Multiple studies show how all-in people drive extraordinary results. As an example, research from Gallup shows that business units with highly engaged employees are up to 21% more profitable, and have higher productivity, quality and customer loyalty.

Yet, employee engagement remains a top challenge and nearly every organization wants to know how they can radically improve it.

The link between employee feedback and employee engagement

This is where employee feedback plays a crucial role. Employees who receive helpful, continuous feedback from managers not only constantly improve and perform better, they’re also much more engaged. Feedback is essential for people to connect and learn from one another. The more feedback employees get the more motivated they will be, and the more likely they are to stay engaged over the long haul. On the flip side, the lack of feedback has significant consequence. According to Gallup, nearly 98% of employees fail to be engaged when managers give little to no feedback.

Indeed, educating your workforce to give each other meaningful feedback is one of the most important aspects of performance management. Fortunately, with the help of technology, organizations can integrate real time, continuous, open feedback into their Performance Management practice. In addition, with the help of technology, giving and receiving routine feedback can be simple and easy; at the same time, so can leveraging it for better decision-making.

Now available to Performance & Goals customers with 1711 release

That is why I’m excited to announce that as part of the Q4 SAP SuccessFactors release, we’ve expanded our Continuous Performance Management capabilities with an easy and convenient way for employees to request and provide feedback at any time throughout the year.

Our goal in delivering this new feature is simple  ̶  and that’s to help organizations empower their employees to get just-in-time and actionable feedback from anyone so they get the information and guidance they need to continuously develop and improve.

Give and receive feedback at any time

Previously, users could provide or request feedback on achievements. Now as part of the Q4 release, Continuous Performance Management users can request feedback from anyone on an ad hoc basis independent of achievements.


Employees also have the ability to provide unsolicited feedback on anyone at any time.


Managers can also request feedback on a direct report from anyone at any time.


What’s nice is that employees and managers can request feedback about the employee in general or on the employee’s activities and achievements. Employees can request feedback from an activity in the Activity tab and from an achievement in the Achievement tab. Managers can request feedback from a direct report’s activity in the Activity tab and from a direct report’s achievement in the Achievement tab.

See all feedback at once with new Feedback tab

What’s also exciting about this Q4 release is the introduction of a new Feedback tab that allows employees to view all of the feedback they’ve received in one convenient place.

Note that in the spirit of putting employees first, feedback is private to the employee by default, and only the recipient(s) can see it. However, employees have the option to make feedback visible to their manager on a per comment basis.

Managers can also access the employee’s Feedback tab to see all feedback that’s been received after sending a request.

From the Feedback tab, managers can request feedback on a direct report.

Easily link and unlink feedback to activities and achievements

We have also made it possible for employees to link feedback that they receive to an Activity from the Feedback tab as well as unlink feedback to an Activity. Employees can also link and unlink feedback to an Achievement.

Employees can see how many feedback messages are linked to an Activity in the Activity tab and see all of the feedback messages.

Managers can also see how many feedback messages are linked to an employee’s Activity and all of the feedback messages made visible to manager in the Activity tab.

What’s also nice is that employees can see how many feedback messages are linked to an achievement in the Achievement tab and see all of the feedback messages there. Managers can see how many feedback messages are linked to an employee’s Achievement and all of the feedback messages made visible to manager in the Achievement tab.

Also important to highlight is the fact that the feedback feature can be turned on independently from the other core Continuous Performance Management capabilities (e.g., activities, achievements, etc.). This supports our goal of providing you flexibility to configure features in the way that best supports your specific needs and performance processes.

Email and homepage notifications make feedback quickly actionable

We know that the real value of ad hoc feedback is in it being timely and actionable which means enabling proper notifications, alerts and prompts. Email notifications are used to inform a user when a feedback request has been sent to him/her. They are also used to alert an employee when a request has been responded to. Managers receive email notifications when a request about a direct report has been responded to.  Feedback requests also appear as to do tasks on the Give Feedback homepage tile.

Role-based permissions allow for desired flexibility and control

We also know the importance of role-based permissions when it comes to feedback – whether it’s to control who can provide it, request it, see it, etc. That is why we are making it easy for administrators to set permissions that define who is allowed to give feedback, who can access feedback messages, who can request feedback, and about whom a user can request feedback. Administrators can also enable/disable requesting feedback from Activities and linking feedback to Activities as well as requesting feedback from Achievements and linking feedback to Achievements.

Empower both employees and managers

Certainly, for many organizations 2017 has been a year of significant change in the area of performance management. We’ve seen companies of all sizes and industries take steps to adopt a new performance model where managers have easy access to what employees are working on and actively engage in more frequent dialogue and ongoing coaching and feedback.  I’m happy to report that more than 450 customers are using our Continuous Performance Management capabilities to enable this transition, and in talking with a number of customers, the response has been very positive.

We know that many of you have been waiting for the new ad hoc feedback feature, and we are excited to deliver it as part of our Q4 release. Ad hoc feedback is integral to enabling a culture of continuous performance management. Now customers can empower their employees to get the feedback they need, when they need it for ongoing development and performance improvement. At the same time, managers can gain more holistic, real-time insight into an employee’s performance without having to wait for a formal review process.

Check out other new features across our HCM suite

Ad hoc feedback delivered as part of SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals is just one of the many great enhancements you will see in this release. Learn about the new features and enhancements for the full SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite here. Be sure to check out our Q4 2017 Release Highlights document and hear from our new head of product, Amy Wilson, in our Q4 2017 release video on YouTube.

Also for detailed information on the Q4 release, navigate to the product update pages in our SAP SuccessFactors community (registration required).


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