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Product and Topic Expert
Finally, customers whose business networks are isolated from the Internet, can start using Web Assistant, because now it's available as an offline package to your SAP Enable Now (HANA) Manager!

Below you will find the setup steps for pure offline scenario for your S/4HANA 2020.

Upload the Web Assistant framework

  • Download the files and web_assistant-3.0.0.z01 that are attached to SAP Note 3025218

  • Open the file and extract the web_assistant-3.0.0.dkp file.

  • Open the System workarea in your SAP Enable Now Manager.

  • Import web_assistant-3.0.0.dkp into the System workarea.

  • The new resource Web Assistant Framework is now shown in the Adaptable Resources tree in the workarea.

  • Publish the Web Assistant Framework resource.

Web Assistant configuration in SAP S/4HANA

  • Follow the instructions for enabling the user assistance as described in the chapter User Assistance Settings in the Installation Guide for SAP S/4HANA available in the SAP Help Portal. The chapter Configure the SAP Web Dispatcher can be skipped as the Web Dispatcher is not required.

  • Afterwards, run the transaction /UI2/FLP_CUS_CONF.

  • In the Launchpad Configuration structure, make sure the Launchpad Property ID ENABLE_HELP is set to true. See an example below.

  • In the Launchpad Plug-Ins structure make sure the Activity State of the plugin WEB_ASSISTANT_HELP_PLUGIN is Active and add the following URL in the URL field:
    https://[your SAP Enable Now Manager instance]/web_assistant/framework/utils/adapters/fiori/

  • Save the settings.

  • In the Configuration structure for the WEB_ASSISTANT_HELP_PLUGIN, add/change the following Launchpad Property IDs:

    • SERVICE_LAYER_VERSION with the Property Value WPB

    • PARAMETERS with the Property and Value

    • resourceUrl=https://[your SAP Enable Now Manager instance]/web_assistant/framework/;

    • dataUrlWPB=https://[your SAP Enable Now Manager instance]/wa/[workarea id]

  • Save the settings.

Web Dispatcher Setup for S/4HANA versions older than 2020 or Business Suite

In your SAP Web Dispatcher configuration please update the redirect (redirect.txt) and Web dispatcher profile (sapwebdisp.txt) files:


if %{SID} = WA1
SetHeader HOST [where is your SAP Enable Now Manager server URL or IP]
RegRewriteRawUrl ^/resources/sap/dfa/help(.*) /sen_manager/web_assistant/framework/$1 [where sen_manager is your Manager prefix on the server]


icm/HTTP/mod_0 = PREFIX=/, FILE=$(DIR_PROFILE)/redirect.txt
wdisp/system_0 = SID=WA1, EXTSRV=, SRCURL=/resources/sap/dfa/help/, SRCSRV=*:*, STANDARD_COOKIE_FILTER=OFF [where EXTSRV is your SAP Enable Now Manager server URL or IP]



  • As the Web Assistant framework is hosted on the SAP Enable Now Manager instance (HANA database) in your infrastructure, there are no automatic version updates of Web Assistant. The updates need to be done manually by importing and publishing a new version of the Web Assistant framework file.

  • The delivery of SAP standard Web Assistant content (context help, guided tours, tutorials) is not supported in this scenario. It is only possible to create custom content and import content available for the Learning Center.