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To streamline their operations, increase efficiency, and stay competitive, businesses are increasingly leveraging digital tools and technologies.   
Digital Adoption, as explained in this blog, is key in leveraging the full potential of the digital tools and achieving these goals.  
Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) are software solutions designed to help users onboard, adopt and make effective use of digital tools and applications. Their primary goals are to streamline the user onboarding process, enhance user experience, and increase overall proficiency with digital technologies within an organization. 

Among the top-tier DAPs available today as seen in the Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023 by Everest Group, SAP Enable Now stands out as a powerful solution designed to facilitate and accelerate user adoption of various software applications and digital tools.  

In this blog, we'll explore how SAP Enable Now is revolutionizing the Digital Adoption Platform market and how our solution is helping SAP customers with their digital adoption. 

What is SAP Enable Now? 

SAP Enable Now is a comprehensive and flexible user enablement solution that helps businesses speed up the adoption of new technologies. 
It empowers organizations to deliver training content and assistance when needed. It provides users with the ability to create, edit, and distribute interactive training materials, simulations, and e-learning content.  
SAP Enable Now ensures that the workforce is well equipped to utilize the full potential of their SAP and non-SAP software, thereby driving faster adoption and improved user performance. 

How customers use SAP Enable Now to accelerate their Digital Adoption 

While coming out with exciting new features is the bread and butter business of any product management team, it's extremely important not to forget the reasons people are using a specific software solution. So instead of listing what SAP Enable Now does, I'd like to give an overview of why our solution is one of the key players in the digital adoption market. 
For business users:

  1. Simplifies the Learning Process: SAP Enable Now provides in-app guidance, creating a seamless experience for end-users. The contextual, real-time help and user-friendly tutorials reduce the learning curve, enabling users to quickly adapt to new software. 
  2. Enhances User Experience: With its context-sensitive help and interactive tutorials, SAP Enable Now enhances the user experience. It empowers users to learn at their own pace and provides them with the necessary tools and resources to master new software applications and digital tools.  
  3. Support multilingual development and translation: SAP Enable Now leverages machine translation with SAP Translation Hub for more localized enablement content. This increases efficiency and reach and helps business users learn better in their language of choice.

For learning and development teams:

  1. Promotes Knowledge Retention: Through its interactive content, simulations, and quizzes, SAP Enable Now promotes knowledge retention. This interactive approach to learning helps improve user comprehension and retention, ensuring long-term success in digital adoption.
  2. Reduces Training Time and Costs: SAP Enable Now offers a single source of truth for all learning materials, which can be easily updated, maintained, and reused. With its intuitive user interface and interactive learning materials, SAP Enable Now can significantly reduce the time and resources required for training, resulting in substantial cost savings. 
  3. Facilitates Continuous Learning: In the era of continuous innovation and change, learning is an ongoing process. SAP Enable Now facilitates this by providing easy access to learning materials and updates. It allows for self-paced learning, enabling users to enhance their skills and knowledge at their convenience. 

For IT departments:

  1. Reduces Support Costs: By offering comprehensive training materials, real-time, in-app/on-demand assistance, SAP Enable Now empowers users to resolve issues independently, reducing the need for helpdesk support, significantly cutting down the costs related to troubleshooting and user errors.
  2. Covering your whole IT landscape: SAP Enable Now provides in-app help for SAP and non-SAP software across the whole customer software landscape including browser and non-browser-based solutions. 
  3. Out-of-the-box availability: Native integration with numerous SAP products and solutions is a core benefit of SAP Enable Now. For example, the integration into SAP Signavio leverages the full power of Business Process guidance together with live tutorials to drive Digital Transformation. 

For the whole organization:

  1. Enhances Productivity: SAP Enable Now increases user productivity by providing just-in-time, on-demand training powered by AI. Users can access relevant learning content exactly when they need it, without having to leave the application. This approach eliminates unnecessary downtime spent on searching for information, leading to an increase in productivity. 
  2. Supports Change Management: SAP Enable Now supports change management by providing a platform for continuous learning and improvement. It helps users adapt to new processes and technologies, reducing resistance to change and fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation. 
  3. Drives Operational Efficiency: By providing comprehensive training and support, SAP Enable Now drives operational efficiency. It helps to reduce errors and increase productivity by ensuring users are well-versed with the functionalities of the software they are using. Additionally, it helps businesses to standardize processes and procedures, thereby enhancing consistency and efficiency across the organization. 
  4. Provides Analytics and Reporting: SAP Enable Now provides robust analytics and reporting features which can be enhanced by using reporting APIs to build dashboards in external solutions. These allow businesses to track user progress, identify areas of improvement, and measure the overall effectiveness of the training program. 
  5. Streamlines Compliance and Risk Management: Allowing businesses to create customized learning materials and tests to ensure users understand and comply with various regulations and standards is very important to SAP Enable Now. This transparency reduces risk and ensures that every user understands and adheres to industry regulations and company policies.  
  6. Scales to support various businesses: SAP Enable Now is easily scalable, catering to businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a small business implementing a new CRM system or a multinational corporation rolling out a new ERP system, SAP Enable Now can accommodate your training needs. 


In the vast and competitive landscape of the Digital Adoption Platform market, SAP Enable Now distinguishes itself by offering comprehensive, user-friendly, and efficient tools for accelerating digital adoption. By empowering users and driving operational efficiency, it plays a pivotal role in the digital transformation journey of businesses. As companies continue to navigate the challenges of adopting and adapting to new technologies, tools like SAP Enable Now will undoubtedly become increasingly vital and integral to their success. 
If you're interested in further reading about Digital Adoption, check out the blogging challenge on the topic. This blog is part of a whole series about how SAP improves digital adoption for all of our customers hosted in the SAP Community Group linked above.
The blog post was written in collaboration with Jasmin Ahlonsou, during his fellowship with SAP Enable Now.