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Product and Topic Expert

Most companies choose SAP SuccessFactors to improve the way they deliver their HR services. They are looking to implement this cloud-based software fast, with low effort and low risk, which means they are looking for best practices. Going through lengthy scoping workshops to implement existing processes cannot be considered an option. Instead they want us – SAP – to advise them on the best way to do it. They expect implementation projects to be a lot faster, cheaper, and easier – especially if they follow best practices.

If these challenges sound familiar to you and you want to benefit from SAP SuccessFactors’ innovations and leading HR practices, you might want to learn more about the SAP SuccessFactors Process Library – a unique and specific body of knowledge, created and maintained by SAP.

The SAP SuccessFactors Process Library supports companies’ transformation of HR based on the leading cloud solution for HR, as well as enabling them to drive standardization and fast adoption.

Why should you need an SAP SuccessFactors Process Library?

The SAP SuccessFactors Process Library can support your HR transformation by helping to:

  • Avoid implementation risks and implement SAP SuccessFactors as it was designed

  • Accelerate your HR process (re-)design to enable a smooth SAP SuccessFactors implementation project

  • Harmonize your HR processes globally based on SAP SuccessFactors standards

  • Evaluate the benefit potential and change impact

What is in the SAP SuccessFactors Process Library?The SAP SuccessFactors Process Library includes assets to help customers to better understand how SAP SuccessFactors should be implemented and used. These assets concern leading practices and process models for the following process scope:

  • Core HR

    • Organizational Management

    • HR Administration

  • Talent Management

    • Recruiting

    • Onboarding

    • Performance and Goals

    • Compensation

    • Succession and Development

    • Learning

There are three parts: Leading practices, process summaries and process diagrams.

Leading Practices

Which leading practices were used to model the processes for SAP SuccessFactors? The collection of leading practices describes SAP’s recommendations to HR to implement SAP SuccessFactors.

Process Summaries

The process summaries describe a ‘use case’, often a (sub) process. They also define when and how a process starts, ends, what dependencies exist to other processes, who the participants are and what the main purpose is. This asset helps you to define your HR goals for this process based on SAP SuccessFactors standards.

Process Diagrams

The process diagrams for the SAP SuccessFactors Process Library are built to define HR processes end-to-end and specific for SAP SuccessFactors. They include all relevant activities in swim lanes, which represents the major user roles. User roles were defined based on the leading HR operating model: HR Business Partners, HR Center of Excellence (CoE) and Shared Services.

You can use the process diagrams:

  • To evaluate SAP SuccessFactors very early in their roadmap planning process

  • To define the target HR process design and to harmonize existing processes before the implementation project starts

  • As a guideline to define test scripts

  • As input to define custom specific training material, user manuals and standard operating procedures

Where can I find the SAP SuccessFactors Process Library?

You can download the assets free of charge from the SAP SuccessFactors Community under Empowerment Center > Implement > SAP SuccessFactors Process Library.

Please provide your feedback and comments on the product resources blogs in the SuccessFactors Community.

In case you need support in managing and facilitating the adoption of the leading practices in your company, please contact the HR Innovation and Transformation Services Team from SAP Digital Business Services at Please feel also free to contact me!

Enjoy the SAP SuccessFactors Process Library!

Best regards,

Marijn van Amelsfort