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Skills gap.
War for talent.

Both of these phrases are embedded into every blog post a recruiter reads or in every talent acquisition meeting or webinar. You can’t escape it.

But, how introspective have recruiters been when it comes to the skills gap and the war for talent? How are recruiters changing to meet the demands of the role today?

Over the years, I have seen a lot of growth, but the gap is so wide that even with this growth, there is quite a chasm that still exists. With more than half of candidates being customers for brands, the mirroring of candidate behavior to customer behavior is more apparent than ever. Learning from those that came before us is one of the greatest gifts we have been given and can leverage to build a bridge across the chasm.

The gap in skills today is around being able to transition from a traditional recruiter mindset to one of those more focused on digital marketing and marketing automation. Moving to an approach of engagement requires a shift in recruiting skills and priorities.

This quarter we have released our initial feature set of candidate relationship management (CRM) functionalities within the SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting solution. In the first release the features are directed at the recruiter and setup of CRM processes. This includes:

  • Talent pools

  • Comprehensive candidate profile

  • Revamped search for both internal and external candidates

  • Responsive email templates and campaign setup


By embedding CRM capabilities within the recruiting process, customers will see a number of benefits, including:

  1. Increases recruiter efficiency by placing the features into the system and experiences a recruiter would come to expect.

  2. Provides a complete view of the candidate, not only from the standard data included in the ATS on the candidate profile but all of the activity and engagement data, meaning recruiters can see a single source of truth for any given candidate.

  3. Improves recruiting programs by using targeted communications and builds valuable candidate data to increase conversion rates and shorten time to fill.

This is just the initial release in what will be 5 more dedicated releases in candidate relationship management functionalities. We are excited about taking you, our customers, on this journey with us as we help you run an efficient, results-oriented recruiting organization to secure the world’s best talent.

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