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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Variable Pay is a highly complex module of SuccessFactors.

It can do a lot but can also take a very long time to configure and fine-tune if we don't know how to navigate its sometimes choppy waters.



In this post I will show in 3 recordings how to master some key configuration setups to be more efficient when configuring or administrating Variable Pay.


  • #1 - Save time when running the "Import Employee History from Employee Central" job by using the Global Eligibility Rule for EC records (also called Filtering rule).



  • #2 - Know how to control the number of records that show in employee history by using the Merge criteria in the varPayEmpHist background element.



  • #3 - Control Assignment Details fields visibility with assignment level custom fields (ALCF)

For this #3, please find below the xml with the specific tags from the example in the recording (importKey="country" importSrc="DM")
<comp-field-definition id="customAssignmentLevelCountry" isCustomField="true" isVisible="true" type="string" useFor="varpay" level="assignment" importKey="country" importSrc="DM" readOnly="true" hidePercentage="false" hideAmount="false" percentageReadOnly="false" reloadable="false" displayOrder="1" reportable="true">


Assignment level custom fields allow us to:

  • Show some symbols like currency or % that are not available in standard assignment fields.

  • Make calculations at the record level for example below to calculate the number of days for each assignment which is a frequent request:





All the best,


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