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Economic environment is changing, and you need to do more with less. Is your organization prepared? Is your 2023 territory and quota planning based on data insights or wishful thinking?  In the challenging and shifting economic environment you need an agile solution that can facilitate your planning process, adapt to changes and provide clarity and transparency to Sales Reps on their quota goals. SAP Territory and Quota continues to innovate to be your ideal partner in your sales planning process.  

We bring the right information to the process at the right time. We made complicated tasks easier to do by automating them, while retaining flexible override options. So take worry and uncertainty out of your planning, let us help you.  

Some ways we have simplified your Territories:  

  • Our patented Account classification engine, allows you segment your Accounts and dynamically enrich data attributes  

  • Rule Based Territory construction can replace manual and time-consuming territory construction process. Our AI engine can optimize your territories based on desired outcomes, be they revenue, geographic co-location etc. Compare your current state to AI proposed, optimized solution based on any attribute and additional statistics generated by the system 

  • Visually view your territories in Maps. OnDemand answers to questions like what is the total revenue for this territory or perhaps what is the average drive time for my reps. View unassigned account and perform assignments/transfers directly from the map 

Still setting up quotas with spreadsheets? Don't get lost in the confusing world of spreadsheets that aren't kept up to date. Our Quota Setting process gives admins access to data on past performance and future CRM opportunities at the product/account level, which they can use in the Quota Setting process. Set growth goals and assign quota values based on a wide range of ways to perform calculations . 

  • Override and Lock quota values at any level! 

  • Mid-cycle changes are nothing to worry about. Changes to the original quota assignments should be shared out. Changes can be made on a different timetable than the original quota. 

  • The process of allocating and distributing quotas gives managers high-tech tools they can use to accurately assign quota targets all the way down to the Sales Rep level. 

  • Embedded SAP workflow lets you add approval processes to the quota acceptance process if you want to. Workflows, which can be standard or built from scratch to meet your specific needs, can be linked to a wide range of system operations, such as changes to account data, adaptation of scenarios, etc. 

With the current November release, we are pleased to highlight the following innovations in the SAP Territory and Quota designed to help you create a more agile, engaged workforce and change work for good. 

New Sales Rep Dashboard:  Reps can only be effective and motivated when they have full transparency and buy in into their targets. Our Rep dashboard allows Reps clean and easy to navigate view into their quota targets, account and product basket assignments as well as projected attainment.  


  • Empower your Sales Reps with information and metrics to help them achieve their quota targets 

  • Instant feedback on target vs attainment 

  • Easily accessible information on assigned Accounts, Products, past sales and more 

  • Inbox of tasks and communications 

We are thrilled to be able to bring these new technologies to our clients while maintaining our commitment to them. To get a more complete look at all of our developments for SAP Territory and Quota, please visit the What’s New Viewer on the SAP Help Portal or the SAP Knowledge Base. 

Do not miss out on joining our Webinar series on Territory and Quota. Register here and learn more. Here is the link to request access to the first session on sales planning in case you have missed. 


For additional information on the SAP Territory and Quota solution, please see the website. If you have any comments, please share them in the section below. Don't forget to forward this blog post to others in the SF community who may find it useful.  


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