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The 2H 2021 SAP SuccessFactors release contains significant enhancements to our time management solutions. This is part of a broader investment from SAP SuccessFactors in efforts to help customers achieve operational excellence. Already in preview as of October 15, the 2H 2021 release will be in production on November 19. What’s in this release, you ask? Let’s get started!

Digital Punch Clock

With this release, we are excited to announce a digital punch clock which gives employees the ability to clock in and out using their desktop or mobile device. This allows employees to submit up-to-the-minute working time, in real-time, regardless of whether they are working at a desk or on-the-move. Employees are empowered to create or delete time events themselves, from within the time sheet. 

Clock-in / Clock-out capabilities

Reimagined Experiences

Both SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking and the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Time Sheet have a focus on reimagined experiences. The new “My Team” dashboard provides a clear, configurable overview of absences, allowances, overtime, workflows and more for the team. It allows managers to keep their finger on the pulse of various time metrics for better decision-making.  

And with the new quick approval card for SAP SuccessFactors Time Management solutions, managers can also approve time management requests such as buying and selling leave. Managers are alerted to urgent workflow items and can approve or deny requests directly from the home page, reducing the time employees have to wait on decisions.

Quick approval card

You can also enable concurrent absences, such as requesting a full paid absence while on a leave of absence. For example, you may need to allow employees to use their accrued, fully paid vacation entitlement for the first few weeks of parental leave or long-term disability leave, which helps with local compliance rules. 

We have also made it possible for employees and managers to correct time events from within the time sheet. You can also configure your system to kick off a workflow for any changes made, for example, if a change in working time will affect overtime calculations, and therefore, require managerial approval. This is another example of putting the power of working time into the hands of employees and managers, and not just the admins.  


Record Attendances Across Midnight

For SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking, employees can record attendances across midnight, building on existing capabilities to request absences across midnight. This is a significant usability enhancement, allowing employees to record working time during a night shift with a +1 day indicator. In addition, this helps you to comply with local rules to calculate employee premiums and tax for working specific times in the night.  

Record attendances across midnight

Learn More

Would you like to further explore information regarding the 2H 2021 release? Watch Daniela Goerke, SAP SuccessFactors Product Area Lead for Time Management, as she shares the latest time management functionality in our SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite. In addition, check out this detailed blog from Volker Ruof of the SAP SuccessFactors Product Management team.