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SAP continues its commitment to its customers by enhancing SAP Commissions to provide an improved user experience backed by significant process improvements and rich embedded analytics. We are pleased to highlight the following innovations to help you create a more agile, engaged workforce and change work for the good with the current release.


Commissions Core updates:

Run Classify Stage in Position:  This capability permits administrators to execute the Classify step of the Positions mode pipeline. The positions mode pipeline performs the same actions as a complete pipeline, but only for the given positions. Even though transactions need classification, administrators can run independent computations by creating position groups for each plan, creating an individualized experience.



Other updates include:

  • UI improvement in Run Calculation: The position of the Cancel button in the Run Calculation window is moved to prevent users from accidentally clicking Cancel when scheduling a pipeline in the pipeline wizard.

  • Improved Incentive Rule: The behavior of the Incentive Rule is enhanced to continue processing (and updating generic attributes) even when the attainment value is zero. Create a support ticket to enable the preference if needed.


What’s new in Embedded Analytics?


Improve Measure Columns: Measure columns in the application’s data models have been improved to combine the unit name and value into one column. Improvised to display the associated unit type in the same ‘Measure Value’ column.


Backup and Restore

This is available for all Oracle customers. Customers can create their backups and restore them to lower environments.





Other improvements include:

  • Sales portal widgets: The performance of the sales portal devices is improved to retrieve and display data faster (even if the volume of the records is large) when a drill-down action is performed.

  • Plan Communicator: Performance improvements have been made to reduce the page load time of the Distribution and Document screens in Plan Communicator.


We are thrilled to be able to bring these new technologies to our clients while maintaining our commitment to them. To get a complete look at all of our developments for SAP Commissions, please visit the What’s New Viewer on the SAP Help Portal or the SAP Knowledge Base.


For additional information on the SAP Commissions solution, please see the website. If you have any comments, please share them in the section below. Don't forget to forward this blog post to others in the SF community who may find it helpful.
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