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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Dear All,

Hope you are doing fine.

I am excited to share the new features that we are planning to deliver as part of the Best Practices package for Time Management 1H 2023 via the upgrade centre. We have some new features (new country localizations) along with enhancements for existing countries

Disclaimer: Please note these features are currently available only on preview and are in a planned state. The final list would be updated on RTC or production date for 1H 2023.

Oman Localization

We now provide localized configuration for Oman (OM) Time Off. By applying the country-specific configuration block, you will get sample configuration for various leave types like Vacations, Illness, Maternity/Paternity, etc. and some local specific time types like Hajj Leave, Death of Husband (Iddat) etc


Hungary Localization

In Hungary, we have complex Accrual rules for annual leave where we need to check the employee’s age, work schedules, and dependents (Child’s ages) and provide accruals. Further accruals have to be prorated based on the hiring date and contract end date (if the employee is a contract user)

Components of annual leave quota (leave quota types)

- basic days (20 days) (for employee working 5 days a week => 5*4)

- age dependent quota (e.g.1 day if you are 25-28, ...., 10 days if you are 45 or above)

- quota for special health (Risky Job)  condition (5 days)

- additional quota if you have children (1 child - 2 days/year, 2 children - 4 days/year, >=3 children - 7 days, no automatic generation is required based)

- for dedicated jobs (e.g. special health condition, manager, etc) - customer can specify the job codes -

Example: Say an employee was hired on Jan 1, 2023. He is 33 years old and has one child who is less than 16 years old. So he gets 20 (base) + 4 (Age) + 2(Child) => 26 days for 2023

The logic to handle child’s age and particularly keeping in mind the limit of 16 years is quite complex. There is currently no single rule function for dependents that checks the age of the dependent as of a particular date and provide the count which is less that the limit age of 16. There are two independent rule functions to handle the age of dependents and the count of dependents. Hence, we have some complex rule conditions delivered in best practices to handle the dependent part. If you are interested to know how this is done, you would need to apply Hungary best practices for time off via upgrade centre.

There are other leave types delivered too which you can check from after applying the content


In 2305 we built some enhancements around Vacation Rules, RTT (Reduction of Working Time) and Payout

France Vacation

  • 2.5 calendar days of vacation (CP Acquis), every month, for a year (Total 30 days).

  • The reference period for vacation is 01/06/YY to 31/05/YY+1

  • “Période d’acquisition”  that translates to « Vacation accrual period » The number of days are usually displayed with a quota “CP en cours d’acquisition”

  • “Période de prise” that translates to« Vacation taking period ». The number of days are usually display with a quota “CP acquis”

  • The Hire period gets a 2 year booking period and hence the hire account is handled seperately

Example :

Employee Hired in March 22

CP Hire account : March 22 -  May 22 (Hire account validity and gets accruals except hire month). Bookable period is march 22 – may 24

CP Acquisition account March 22 – May 22 => No Accruals as we have hire account for the same period

CP Acquisition account June 22 – May 23  => Provide accruals as per rule

CP Vacation Taking account June 22 – May 23 => Nothing as the acquisition account before that had no accruals

CP Vacation taking account June 23 – May 24 => Gets total balance from previous period’s acquisition account (June 22- May 23)


France Vacation Banking

We now support self service payout for vacation accounts as per the below legal requirment

France RTT (Reduced Working Time)

  • The reduction of working time (RTT) is a system that provides allocation of days whose working time exceeds 35 hours per week.

  • The number of RTT days is set by company agreement. The agreement also sets the conditions for acquisition:

    1. Fix the number of days for the year (package)

    2. 9 public holiday on normal working days in 2023

    3. 105 Saturday and Sunday in 2023

    4. 30 days vacation


Total working days in 2023:  221

Fixed total working day 213 as per company agreement

In 2023, 221 – 213 = 8 days RTT

The employee will have a quota of 8 days to be consumed between 01/01/2023 and 31/12/2023

If you are interested in knowing more, you can use Time Off Best Practices Upgrade for France

Time Tracking Enhancements for Germany

In 2305, we delivered corrections around cross-midnight premiums for Germany. The latest premiums are as per the table listed below

You can use best practices time tracking upgrade for Germany to deploy this content

Further, you can check the below blogs for more details

Sample Holiday Categories and working pattern


In 2305, the product has come up with new objects to handle custom holiday categories, Holiday  Working pattern (to determine if employee works on a holiday or not) etc

You can refer to the blog from Virginie Klein here for more details

In best practices we are easing a bit of your work through automation. We now deliver sample holiday categories, holiday working pattern and Holiday Planned Working Time Determination config as part of best practices



We now have enhanced best practices with configuration for rest period. In some countries by law, we need to check if the employee has maintained a minimum rest period of 11 hours between the end of previous shift/day and beginning of next day/shift. This config is now part of Best Practices Time Tracking delivered via upgrade center

Here are some snapshots of an example


The employee has a gap less than 11 hours between two shifts (as seen from above two screenshots)

Hence an alert is generated in admin alerts for this violation


Other Key Enhancements

  • Mexico Law Change – Change in Seniority days for accruals (This is patched to b2211 as well)

  • Malaysia Law Change – Change in Hospitalization and Maternity Rules due to new amendment in local laws  (This is patched to b2211 as well)

  • Support filtering of cost centers in time recording based on Legal Entity

  • Sample Grace Rounding Rules in Time Tracking

  • Sample rest period config (This is still planned and we would plan to make this available in June /July 2023. So Stay tuned) Delivered in July


Hope you found this useful

Best Regards