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The rapidly changing selling environment — shifting customer expectations, new business models, market uncertainty —requires high visibility into the selling process and maximum agility to capitalize on new opportunities and stay competitive. In short, today's selling environment requires a modern incentive management solution.   

SAP has been investing in modernizing SAP Commissions to provide a more robust and scalable solution with market-leading performance and global reach.​ With the current release, we are pleased to highlight the following innovations in the SAP Commissions designed to help you create a more agile, engaged workforce and change work for good. 

SAP Commissions is now available on Hyperscalers - Google Cloud Platform: SAP Commissions is a cloud-native solution built on a microservices architecture that leverages Kubernetes (K8s)​ platform. K8s architecture is an open-source container orchestration system for scaling, and managing containerized applications, which is a new way to design and develop. It simplifies operations, brings down costs, and deploys innovations faster. 

With this enhanced backend technology, SAP Commissions gains superior speed, concurrency, scalability, and performance, helping you achieve lower downtime and higher availability. Splitting the backend into microservices results in better performance throughout the SAP Commissions application.  

Here are some enhanced capabilities with this release: 

  • Zero downtime releases and maintenance assure no interruption in your business while enhancing the application to bring more value to you. It also assures the next level of agility when your business requires it. 

  • Ability to monitor each service, isolate and resolve issues quickly while maintaining maximum system uptime in other areas. For e.g., if the email service is down, no emails can be sent, but the rest of the system can be used​.  

  • Enhanced application UI load time provides for an immediate improvement in User Experience and efficiency of work. 


This infrastructure modernization supports the expansion of the SAP Business Technology Platform across the entire portfolio and ​provides a future-proof foundation for your business and people transformation. 


SAP Commissions comes with Embedded Analytics powered by SAP Analytics Cloud​:  

Embedded analytics for SAP Commissions equip users with decision-making tools you need to interactively analyze live sales performance data to explore data, find insights, visualize information, and make data-driven decisions.  

This is done using data models and stories built on data models. In the current release, you can create Pixel Perfect Reports​, and build reports based on the Period Level Hierarchy​. You can access Embedded Analytics directly via Sales Performance Home, listed in the Portal Apps menu.  

Few use cases that you can achieve include: 

  • Identify outliers that can be fixed proactively 

  • Understand incentive commission expense relative to sales/bookings 

  • Measure the time for sales representatives to reach full productivity 

  • View operational data 

  • View historical data and trends 

  • View multi-period data


Mobile App Enhancements: We are also pleased to announce mobile enhancements so customers can now provide feedback and rate the SAP Commissions Mobile App on the App stores. Additionally, one can access the SAP Commissions Mobile Help Documentation from the Help link in the App.  



We are excited to deliver these new innovations and continue our commitment to our customers.  For a more comprehensive look at all our innovations for SAP Commissions, please visit the What’s New Viewer on the SAP Help Portal 

For more solution info, please visit the SAP Commissions website. If you have any comments, feel free to share below. Don’t forget to share this blog which may benefit others in the SF community.