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As tribute to our colleagues who have been working for SAP Labs Poland for over
a decade we decided to interview them to about the past, their memories and future plans. In this series, we would love to thank them all and wish them all the best in their careers. Below the third anniversary interview with Tomasz Kukucz!

SAP Labs Poland: When exactly did you start working in our company?
Tomasz Kukucz:
I’ve started on the 6th of April 2010. I believe that I will remember the date for a very long time, as 4 days later there was a plane crash in Smoleńsk, and the next month, there was this huge volcano eruption over Iceland which blocked me from going to Munich for my Commerce training.

SLP: What position did you start at and where are you now?
I started as a Technical Writer within the R&D organization, then moved to the Commerce Product Marketing and finally got to the Services organization as a Service Delivery Manager.

SLP: What was the biggest change for you for in the last 10 years?
Definitely acquisition by SAP, we’ve switched from a start-up like company (which was already pretty big as for a start-up) to the big corporation of around 65 000 people at that time. It was a big overwhelming at the very beginning, however we’ve managed to work with more or less same people, before hybris Commerce became part of Customer Experience product family.

SLP: 10 years has already passed? How do you feel about that?
Well… old? 😉 It passed really fast. I can still remember the first Summer parties with our guests from Munich, first Oktoberfests where I’ve learned that despite my poor German skills, I managed to sing with 12 000 people in Paulaner tent. And dance on the benches. Like everyone.

SLP: What was your plan for your career? Are you now in a completely different place than you originally planned to be?
To be honest, I didn’t have a plan at the very beginning, the whole concept of “technical writing” was something completely new for me, and after my interview I was sure that they will never accept me. My plan has evolved with the changes of the company, acquisitions, reorganizations, etc. I feel comfortable where I am now. The most important thing is that I work with great people, and that we trust each other and feel good in our company. That’s priceless.

SLP: What is the funniest memory or story of those 10 years?
#1 would be my job interview. It was in the late afternoon. The “old” office was still being redecorated and the automatic door at the ground level didn’t operate. I’ve had the address, I could see the building, I had literally no idea how to get inside. Then I noticed finger marks on the glass of the door, so I assumed that you have to operate the door manually. Until today I’m still not sure if it wasn’t part of the job interview 😉
#2 would be preparation and writing sketches for the 10 year anniversary Christmas Party two years ago. Together with Łukasz Górnicki we had great fun looking back into past years and trying to censor ourselves on one hand and make as much fun out of other people and ourselves at the same time.

SLP: Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? ?
Literally… no idea. I used to have a plan not to stay with a company for more than 6-7 years. As you can see this plan is already gone. Maybe the fact that I switched teams every 3.5 years has restarted the countdown. Who knows?

Thank you Tomasz for the interview. We wish you continued your career successfully.
Happy Anniversary! The next story will be published soon.










Photo: Ten years ago

Photo: Currently


Written by SAP Labs Poland