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As tribute to our colleagues who have been working for SAP Labs Poland for over
a decade we decided to interview them to about the past, their memories and future plans. In this series, we would love to thank them all and wish them all the best in their careers. Below the next anniversary interview with Paulina Bujacz!

SAP Labs Poland: When exactly did you start working in our company?
Paulina Bujacz:
I’ve started working in this company 10 years ago.

SLP: What position did you start at and where are you now?
Within joining the company, I switched from developer to QA role to be able to get my hands into tests automation. I’ve selected e-commerce business because it is fast growing and very open for using new technology stack.

After a while a realized that I have a lot of freedom not only to play with technologies but also work approach, so I’ve started to join my QA responsibilities with Scrum Master role.

About 4 years ago, I’ve decided that it is time for me to focus more on supporting and developing people and teams, so I’ve taken the Software Development Manager role.

SLP: What was the biggest change for you in the last 10 years?
The biggest and most difficult change for me was related to stepping out of professional, full time coding and acting as a team member/individual contributor.

As a Software Development Manager, I had to work out my own approach how to stay on track with technology, business, company topics, teams and people and how to act in way that empower others and enable whole team to be productive.

SLP: 10 years has already passed? How do you feel about that?
It has passed too fast. There is so much to do, to learn and to play with!

SLP: What was your plan for your career? Are you now in a completely different place than you originally planned to be?
I have never had a plan for my career. I follow my actual interests and search for opportunities that fit in.

I see professional live in IT company as a big jungle gym that constantly evolving. You can do a lot of things, reach the place you want to be with many ways, play alone or with a group. Most important is to know yourself and keep your eyes open.

SLP: What is the funniest memory or story of those 10 years?
Almost every week brings some funny story, so it is hard to select one. From crazy chats during travelling together, through planning on football stadium or inventing escape room riddles for 30 IT experts from the CEE region, to prepare serious presentation and realize that most difficult is to decide with the team if they feel more like Spartacus or Fellowship of the Ring.

What I really love in this company is the fact that an abstract sense of humor is quite common, so can always find someone who is in the “right mood”.

SLP: Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
My crystal ball is under repair, so I will follow up when it is back.

Thank you Paulina for the interview. We wish you continued your career successfully.
Happy Anniversary! The next story will be published soon.

Photo: Ten years ago

Photo: Currently

Written by SAP Labs Poland