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As tribute to our colleagues who have been working for SAP Labs Poland for over
a decade we decided to interview them to about the past, their memories and future plans. In this series, we would love to thank them all and wish them all the best in their careers. Below the second anniversary interview with Mirela Krinke!

SAP Labs Poland: When exactly did you start working in our company?
Mirela Krinke: I remember that day. I started my career with hybris on 16th March 2010…
8 a.m. Nasty weather and a lot of snow on the roadsides. It was a proper winter in Gliwice.
I had my black briefcase with me to have all the required documents handy, including the employment contract, obviously. I remember holding it tight nervously.

The Managing Director, welcomed me and walked me through the office introducing to everyone. Only 27 people were working back then in hybris office in Poland. I was surprised how “many” ladies (only four) were in the team. It stressed me even more seeing so many male engineers around. I felt I was actually the only person having non IT-technical background or experience. Eventually it turned out to be a great day.

SLP: What position did you start at and where are you now?
MK: I was hired to hold Administration Specialist position in Gliwice office supporting local team with admin, financial, travel and HR related topics. I was wearing few hats at the same time. Later I evolved to full time HR position.Today I’m working as a Senior Project Manager in Cloud Operations & Support organization in SAP Customer Experience (former hybris).

SLP: What was the biggest change for you in the last 10 years?
MK: The switch from Human Resources to more technical Project Management position was the biggest and best change that has happened to me so far.

The case is that, as a person, recruiting candidates, serving as an advisor or standing for employees in many critical situations suddenly I was offered a position that I actually could use all the skill set I had obtained and dive deeply into hybris business. I was always watching it from the distance, and by the business I mean the technology, the product, the infrastructure. Finally, I felt I spoke the same language as these “IT-guys” I just hired. I was proud of myself.

SLP: 10 years has already passed. How do you feel about that?
MK: I cannot tell I feel it’s been already 10 years. Actually I never felt. The only timekeeper in my life is my daughter. She keeps me busy so much that I actually enjoy coming over to work to exercise grey matters in the brain.

I understand 10 years is a lot in IT world. However, I have been put into many changes during that time: change of the roles and responsibilities, company acquisition, change of the office building, change of the team and managers. And a lot has changed in my private life as well. All of that kept me occupied, busy and concentrated that I wasn’t noticing how the time flies.

If I look at it from far perspective I must say I like what I see. I personally prefer changes rather than a static picture. So I feel happy and calm and empowered of what that 10 years have brought. And I also mean the people I met and I work with.

SLP: What was your plan for your career? Are you now in a completely different place than you originally planned to be?
MK: Hmm, If you’re asking me if I’m doing what I wanted to do after finishing university, than I need to disappoint you. No. After graduating from Public Sector Management Studies I wanted to work in Polish Border Guard, but life writes different scenarios for us.

However. I picked the best one it offered, so I’ve chosen to grow my career in a direction of management and people related topic. HR was the great way to start with and I did. I began my career in recruitment back in UK in 2008. I’m happy where I am now. I’m also looking into the future so whenever possible I use the opportunities and take targeted trainings, attend conferences just not to stop and keep growing.

SLP: What is the funniest memory or story of those 10 years?
MK: I have a few of them but the best memories are mostly from integration trips and business trips to Munich. One of them was Octoberfest and the other was Welcome Days in 2012 targeted at new joiners. I was invited there after being employed for 2.5 years already. It was fun…

SLP: Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
MK: If you had asked me that question 10 years ago, I would not have guessed. So answering it now, I dare to say with the tendency, potential, knowledge and people around me I can aim to become best of me I could ever be. SAP is a good place to explore and is great mine of potential. Will it be in Cloud Services, will that be in People Management or maybe Business Strategy, or maybe Innovation Programs, I’m always listening to the surrounding and trying to help wherever and whenever it brings a value to the Organization. Life has many scenarios to pick…

Thank you Mirela for the interview. We wish you continued your career successfully.
Happy Anniversary! The next story will be published soon.

Photo: 2009

Photo: 2019

Written by SAP Labs Poland