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As tribute to our colleagues who have been working for SAP Labs Poland for over
a decade we decided to interview them to about the past, their memories and future plans. In this series, we would love to thank them all and wish them all the best in their careers. Below the next anniversary interview with Katarzyna Kubica!

SAP Labs Poland: When exactly did you start working in our company?
Katarzyna Kubica:
The 1st of September 2010 was my first day in the office, but I met new colleagues few days before that day – on Summer Party in 4art pub. People thought that my husband is a new employee and I’m just an accompanying person 😉 If I can recall there were only 6 girls in the office then, so I was not surprised really.

SLP: What position did you start at and where are you now?
I started as a junior developer. I knew nothing about development, as in my previous job I was mostly fixing bugs. During these 10 years I was in several projects, as a developer and scrum master, but I guess the most changes happened 3 years ago. New project, new manager, new responsibilities. It was a turning point in my professional career. Besides development I got involved into release management as a program lead and it naturally brought me to quality assurance. Currently I’m a senior developer, focused on tests automation and quality standards.

SLP: What was the biggest change for you in the last 10 years?
I am a very careful and cautious person – changes in my life are usually gradual. I’m reluctant to change, but I’ve learnt that it is inevitable. The biggest change happened in my life perception, but I guess everyone can say the same.

SLP: 10 years has already passed? How do you feel about that?
I keep thinking every year that I’m having the time of my life – the passage of time does not count as long as I make any progress in my life. When I was searching for some photos to this article I’ve realized, that many things remain the same – I live in the same place, I have the same habits, and I still have many clothes I used to wear 10 years ago… Time to make some wardrobe cleanup!

SLP: What was your plan for your career? Are you now in a completely different place than you originally planned to be?
Does plan from high school count? Because I wanted to be a historian, an architect or an astronaut 🙂 The truth is I had no plans at all. I adapt to what is currently within my range – you just need to be observant and catch opportunities as they appear – don’t squander them! I’m of course trying to reconcile this to my natural carefulness 🙂 But… nothing ventured, nothing gained.

SLP: What is the funniest memory or story of those 10 years?
I’m terrible in telling stories. I have many great memories though. The longest one is related to my previous team – Wombats. We’ve been moved to some new challenges now and team doesn’t exist anymore, but we try to stay in touch, and I hope it will last for a long time!

SLP: Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? ?
Wherever life takes me 🙂

Photo: Ten years ago

Photo: Currently

Thank you Kasia for the interview. We wish you continued your career successfully.
Happy Anniversary! The next story will be published soon.

Written by SAP Labs Poland