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In this blog you’ll learn how to create a business rule and trigger a workflow for currency conversion in SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central using the MDF object “Currency Exchange Rate”.

When implementing SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central for a multinational company you may come across requirements that involve currency conversion due to different values in local currency vs. global currency.

In this scenario I will demonstrate how to trigger a workflow for One-Time Payments assignments based on a threshold amount in US Dollars when the actual amounts are in local currency.

Configuration Steps:

  1. In Manage Data – review and adjust if needed the values within the Currency Exchange Rate object. Ensure you have the proper entries for the currency conversion scenario (in this case the source currency is GBP which will be converted to USD)

Once you have the exchange rates created, you can continue with the business rule creation detailed below in Step 2.

2. Go to Configure Business Rule and create a new business rule using the base object “One-Time Payments Model”. Set up the business rule according to the following details:

2a. Create a variable for currency conversion using the Lookup table “Currency Exchange Rate”

2b. Add the arguments that you need (according to the requirements) and the variable in the “IF” statement:

In the current scenario, I would like to trigger a workflow for one-time payments that have an amount equal to or higher than 1000 USD.

2c. Reference the workflow in “Then” statement:

       3. Assign the business rule previously created onSave in the respective element in Manage Business Configuration (in this example it is PayComponentNonRecurring section):


Testing the business scenario previously created

  1. Go to Employee Profile -> Actions -> click on One-Time Payments -> add the relevant details

      2. Once saving the transaction, if the business rule is successfully executed, the workflow will be triggered as the one time payment submitted is higher than the 1000 amount converted in USD.

      3. Check Business Rule Execution log – the variable is executed with success and “IF” statement found as “true”


The Currency Exchange Rate look-up table requires maintenance in order to keep the exchange rates updated. Each customer should define a process in place and ensure the rates are adjusted according to their needs.

Currency Exchange Rate object is a pre-delivered object and cannot be customized.

Through the steps presented above, I have reflected how to trigger specific workflows based on converted values for different currencies. This was achieved by using the standard MDF object “Currency Exchange Rate” and a business rule. Similar configuration can be built and used for other Compensation scenarios as well.

The benefit of this configuration is the fact that using the standard configuration built in our product you can build a business scenario that can be commonly requested by complex customers operating in several countries.
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