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Workaround To Automate the Document Generation Based on Event


Currently, Employee Central has a functionality to generate document for single employee and for multiple employees. But it is not possible to generated document based on event performed on employee data i.e. to automate the document generation based on employee event.

Refer to KBA

We can have a work around for this requirement. We can create custom email template for workflow and by assigning workflow to rule based on Job Information, template can be sent on email body. Then, it can be printed or saved as PDF after some editing.

We can achieve this by using seven configuration steps, which are explained below.

Step 1.  Create Document Generation group by using tool “Document Generation – Manage Generation Group.

Create two document group, one for event approval initiation and one for post event approval. Assign “Workflow” category.

Step 2.  Creation Document Template by using tool “Document Generation – Manage Document Template”

Select Document Generation Template option, go to create new and click on Document Generation Template.

Create two Document template, one for event approval initiation and one for post event approval. Assign “Workflow” category and group.

Step 3.  Maintain mapping for Token used in the Template by using tool “Document Generation – Manage Document Template Mapping”.

Step 4. Create Workflow email Template by using tool “Manage Workflow Email Configuration”

Template assigned at initiation and finally approval step.

Step 5. Create workflow and assign email template by using tool “Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures”

Assign “Self” in the Cc Role so that employee can receive the email post approval

Step 6 Create a Business Rule and assign workflow by using tool “Configure Business Rule

Step 7. Assign Business Rule to Job Information by using tool “Manage Business Configuration”

Assign rule on “onSave”


  1. Change department of an employee

Email triggered for approval and respective email template sent to approver

       2. Transfer approval by approver

     3. Post approval, email template sent to employee

Using Print command, email can be saved as PDF. It can be snipped and template portion can be printed or saved.


Using above approach, we can avoid manual  generation of document for employees and Document generation be automated. It will enhance user experience for HR, Admin team and employee.

As per business requirement, the events that do not require much moderation, custom document template can be created and workflow can be triggered using business rule.

I hope, you like my blog.




Ajay Kumar
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