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Hi Readers,

Below is a summary of the most significant changes for 2H 2022 Succession and Career Development

1. Career Explorer Now Generally Available

 Career Explorer recommends career opportunities to employees based on the career paths of people who are similar to them in the organization. It is powered by machine learning technology.

Career Explorer is also a data source for job role recommendations in Opportunity Marketplace.

To obtain and analyze your personnel data, your SAP SuccessFactors system is coupled with the People Connection system, which is based on SAP AI Business Service Personalized Recommendation. Employees will receive career role recommendations on Career Explorer when there is enough qualified data to train machine learning algorithms.

Employees can open the card for a recommended role to view employment profiles, a career path in a lineage chart, and the reasoning behind the recommendation. To further customize their recommendations, they can also dislike a role or add it to their Career Worksheet to do a gap analysis for personal skills. . Employees can frequently explore new recommendations on the Career Explorer page.

This function has been developed by SAP to make it simple for employees to find more relevant job openings within their company, such as:

  • Career moves of people who are similar to them

  • Roles from outside their job hierarchy

  • Roles that they haven't thought they would be suited to

Prerequisites & Procedure

Your company must have at least 1,000 employee-and-job role pairs in the system.

Enabled People Connection

Configure the integration settings for People Connection. The system then can start data sync and data training. You can track the process status in Manage People Connection Integration

Go to Upgrade Center, select the Career Development Plan module, and enable Career Explorer.

In Admin Center, go to Manage Permission Roles User Permissions Career Development Planning and grant users the permission of Career Explorer

You can access the Feature from  Development  > Career Explorer.

2. Enhanced Competency Gap Graph in Career Worksheet

In Career Worksheet, if a competency has either the last rating or expected rating, a horizontal bar graph for ratings is shown below the competency. Previously, the graph was shown only when a competency had both the last rating and an expected rating.

With the latest upgrade, users can view the competencies' expected rating, if any, even when the competencies are not assessed.

How It Looked Before - no expected rating is shown when the competencies are not assessed.

How It Looks Now

The competency "Assembling Talent" has an expected rating and no last rating.

In the current version, users can view the competencies' expected rating, if any, even when the competencies are not assessed. They can view the expected rating as a blue horizontal bar graph.

3. Country/Region Picklist Available for Mentoring Matching Questions

The purpose of this feature was to allow mentoring programs to directly use the employee data that is already available in the system.

The system generates mentor recommendations based on matching questions that are defined for each mentoring program. You can now use the "Country/Region" picklist as a question category and use its values for automatic matching.

With this, you can set up matching rules where mentees define their preferred country/region when signing up for a program, and mentors' country/region information is pulled from their profile data.

How the "Country/Region" picklist is labeled on the UI depends on standard element configurations in the data model. The picklist is used in the same way as other standard elements such as department, division, and location.

Configuration Requirements

The "country/region" standard element is defined in the data model.

Enhanced feature snippet


4. Enable Web Notification for Succession Planners in Admin Center

With this upgrade, you can now enable web notification for succession planners through Admin Center  Succession Settings  Enable smart suite notification for succession planners. Previously, you needed to contact Product Support to enable this feature.

SAP moved the setting to Admin Center to offer us greater flexibility in enabling or disabling web notifications for succession planners based on your needs.

Configuration Requirements

If you enabled web notification for succession planners before the 2H 2022 release and want to continue using this feature, you must enable it again through Admin Center. Otherwise, no action is required.

5. New OData V4 Service NominationService

You can now use the OData V4 service NominationService to create, update, and delete information of successor nomination.

We developed the service to provide you an alternative way to manage information of successor nomination. This new feature is from a Customer Community IdeaInformation published on SAP site.

Configuration Requirements

To use NominationService, you need to meet the following prerequisites:

  • You use the MDF position-based nomination method.

  • You have the User Permissions  Succession Planners  Succession Planning Permission permission.

  • The maximum number of concurrent users in OData V4 service Nomination in your instance is not larger than 500.

What's Changed

In the current version, you can use the OData V4 service NominationService to create, update, and delete information of successor nominations.

In the previous version, this service is not available.


6. More Gender Values in Talent Search and Matrix Grid Reports

You can now select from three more gender values, UndeclaredUnknown, and Others, in addition to the existing Male and Female, as a criterion in Talent Search. You can also see the icons for all the five gender values in matrix grid reports.

We made the enhancement to meet customers' gender diversity needs and legal requirements.

There are a bunch of configuration requirements. Refer to the entire Release change in what's new viewer.
Five Gender Icons in Matrix Grid Reports

In the current version, MaleFemaleUndeclaredUnknown, and Others are supported values for the Gender field in Talent Search and matrix grid reports.

In the previous version, only Male and Female were supported.


A snippet of Five Gender Icons in Matrix Grid Reports


7. Additional Fields in Succession Org Chart Nodes and Position Tiles

This enhancement is from a Customer Community IdeaInformation published on SAP site.

You can now add Job TitleJob Level, and Department to the headers of Succession Org Chart nodes and position tiles, and customize the order in which the fields are displayed.

To configure these fields, go to Admin Center  Org Chart Configuration  Succession org chart.

With the additional fields displayed, you can easily distinguish between different positions if they have the same title.

Configuration Requirements

  • You're using the MDF position-based nomination method.

  • In the Configure Object Definitions page, the settings for the Position object are as follows:

    • The Visibility of the intended fields is Editable or Read Only.

    • The Status of the intended fields is Active.

How It Looks Now-  Job Title, Job Level, and Department in the Succession Org Chart

Job Title, Job Level, and Department in the Position Tile View

After you've configured the fields of Job TitleJob Level, and Department, you can see their specific values in the headers of Succession Org Chart nodes and position tiles. Hover over a value to see which field it represents.

That's a wrap of the release highlights for Succession and career development.

See my earlier blog post for more information on the SF Performance Management and Goal Management: 2H 2022 Release Highlights. It has a lot of info to keep you updated on the latest release.

To get more information on all the release changes, please refer to the link below. 

What’s New Viewer: Click here

Please feel free to share your ideas and questions in the comment box of this blog. I’d be glad to share what I know with you. Also, do share your thoughts on the latest changes, and the features you valued the most.  Share this blog with your colleagues.

Thank you!!

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