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The Event:

One of the top HR events of the year, to discuss how to lead with purpose, pursue innovation and transform the workforce experience.

More info here.

My Goals For the Event (All Completed):

  1. Engage with customers, peers and SAP employees at the conference.

  2. Show direct benefits to my management team for social engagement via twitter and other social platforms.

  3. Get one client, other partner/peer and a person from SAP SuccessFactors to engage with my company at their booth or online from my direct involvement.

  4. Extend my own business social network to help influence and advocate for myself, my company (Veritas Prime), and the product I am passionate about.. SuccessFactors!

  5. To learn about the roadmap going forward for Analytics (LMS Reporting for me specifically)

  6. See what other partners are doing to see where we can grow and innovate, or even partner for a synergy that benefits all of us working to successfully implement a complicated product in an ever changing HR space.

How to Engage:

  1. For me the recipe for engagement was simple...  Use twitter for follow key people/hash tags and interact.

  2. Find the specific topics you are interested in and follow the people tweeting about it.  I choose the LMS and Analytics information that was coming out and successfully engaged with both the people presenting and those in attendance.

  3. Follow and re-tweet your peers and interact with them before, after and during the days events.

  4. #SuccessConnect was the most useful things to follow for my engagement activities.

  5. Do not forget to register and view the key notes as well!  You should still be able to do this after the event and get some great motivation / information.

Results of Engaging:

  1. Day one in our company group chat one of our managing partners mentioned he had met someone at the beginning of the conference (Another implementation parter) that knew our company directly from my engagement.

  2. Multiple times I had direct responses from direct questions from guests and presenters.

  3. Most important to me, a key contact in Analytics from SAP came to our booth looking for me, and gave his card to one of my fellow employees.  That contact and information will help me prepare for reporting and how to focus for the future.

  4. An overall impression and great information from SAP and SuccessFactors on the vision for the future as well as free key note videos for motivation.

  5. Gained over 100 followers in my key areas of interest!

People To Follow:

These are in no particular order and are a mix of partners/implementers/presenters that contributed and were active throughout the event.  The text list is at the bottom of the handles.

 (Had to put myself in, right?)


Last, but certainly not least Silvia Strumper from Accenture.  My vote for most active at #SuccessConnect 2018 Berlin!

Text list of twitter ids to follow:

@StruemperS, @kelleygamblesap, @jameslkelley,@mmchernandez,@snahata,@osterbaerbel, @contini_nemmert,@ashleycolombo1,@grbhr,@sstrangfeld, @andreahepner,@sophshep,@sophieleg,@successmfactors, @acn_ofalk,@takkusano,@beversedith,@janecbehenna, @heikomouhlen,@sophiebieberde,@thomasjenewein,@sylvie75015, @rob_wood,@christinaholzma,@bmcinnisday,@let_anita, @HMC_Dphillips

I also created a list of all people interacting that I could find in a list you can find in my lists on my twitter handle: Here is the feed from that and this is the link to subscribe/follow.

Useful LinkedIn group related to SuccessFactors and SuccessConnect (Submitted by jarret.pazahanick )

LinkedIn Group 1

LinkedIn Group 2


Lessons Learned: Engagement

I learned that I can engage, be an advocate for my company, learn useful information about the SuccessFactor roadmap, as well as make great contacts and get questions answered.


Translating Lessons into Actions:

  1. Setup a value added list of attendees active on social media

  2. Develop blog and pitch for my managing partners for what we need to do going forward for social and peer/client interaction and engagement

  3. Pitch the idea of attending the next conference to put these lessons into action in person


About Dwayne:

Dwayne is a Prime Consultant for Veritas Prime, LLC a SuccessFactors Gold Partner, recognized by SAP in HR Cloud Solutions.  Primarily focused on LMS Report writing, and certified in Successfactors Reporting, Employee Central and Learning (LMS.) Develop custom LMS Reporting Dashboards and Analytics solutions.


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