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Photo credit : Miguel A. Amutio on Unsplash


Once Peter Drucker rightly said: “What gets measured gets managed."    The same is

applicable for any of the HR Process measurement and Process assessment. It tells how effective,

efficient and impactful your HR Process is!


The main motive behind this blog is to enlist  Key Performance Indicators (KPI) focused on

Recruiting part. Also, I would like to invite HR Experts, SCN community members (especially

SuccessFactors Recruiting Management, Recruiting Marketing, Recruiting Posting, Analytics people)

to suggest if they have come across any other KPIs. I'll add those KPIs in this blog in next version

with due credits to the contributors!       Also, this blog is an open discussion forum for

all  SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting admins, consultants, experts (RCM, RMK, RPO) to discuss how

they can achieve below KPIs in Recruiting dashboards if it is a standard feature or any custom

development required?

Here we go with the much awaited KPIs for Recruitment :


1.Percentage of new hires achieving 6 months/ 12 months service

2.Percentage of new hires achieving satisfactory appraisal at first assessment

3.Percentage of actual vs target new employee compensation

4.Percentage of competent applicants for open job positions

5.Percentage of job positions filled with external agency

6.Percentage of job vacancies

7.Percentage of new employees/candidates with a recruiting fee

8.Percentage of open job positions that require temporary staff

9.Percentage of recommended job applicants

10.Percentage of screened newly recruited employees

11.Percentage of vacancies filled internally

12.Percentage of vacancies filled that followed internal procedures

13.Average cost of recruitment (management)

14.Average cost of recruitment (non-management)

15.Average cost of recruitment per employee

16.Average cost to recruit per job position

17.Average feedback time on candidates

18.Average interviewing costs

19.Average number of interviewees for open job positions

20.Average number of responses for open job positions

21.Average open time of job positions

22.Average sourcing cost per hire

23.Average time to recruit

24.Cycle time from job acceptance until job start

25.Head-to-Head Hire Rate

26.Job offer acceptance rate

27.Local Schools hire Percentage

28.Offer conversion rate

29. Recruiting fee as Percentage of annual salary

30. Recruiting pool

31.Recruitment source ratio

32.Recruitment through advertisement factor

33.Top Schools hire Percentage



Looking forward to your comments, discussions, suggestions!

If you are new to Recruitment tech products, watch this space for our amazing product from SAP

SuccessFactors to attract, hire and select the best candidate for your organizations!