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Photo credit :  salvatore ventura on Unsplash


Numbers tell stories and KPIs/metrics are the tools through which these stories

get a shape, substance, and life!   Don't be confused between KPIs and Metrics. Both are not

same though many of business owners including our Consultant friends think they are same!

It's time to educate them as a responsible Consultant, is n't it?

  • A KPI(key performance indicator) is used to measure performance and success of a specific    business process.

  • A metric is nothing more than a number within a KPI that helps track performance and              progress.

Ex:   If Average training costs per employee is 500 Euros for a company,

then KPI = Average training costs per employee and

Metric = 500 Euros (not too much !)

The main motive behind this blog is to enlist Key Performance Indicators (KPI) focused on

Learning & Development area.  Also, I would like to invite L & D Experts, SCN community

members (especially SuccessFactors Learning, Analytics people) to suggest if they have come

across any other KPIs. I’ll add those KPIs in this blog in next version with due credits to the

contributors!   Also, this blog is an open discussion forum for all SAP SuccessFactors Learning

admins, consultants, subject matter experts to discuss how they can achieve below KPIs in Learning

dashboards if it is a standard feature or any custom development required?

Here we go with the much awaited KPIs for Learning & Development :


1.Percentage employee training costs

2.Percentage of attendees at training sessions

3.Percentage of cancelled training courses

4.Percentage of courses that are web-based or web enhanced

5.Percentage of employees that started sponsored MBA program completing MBA program

6.Percentage of HR budget spent on training

7.Percentage of qualified internal trainers

8.Percentage of staff trained on compliance issues

9.Percentage of time trainers spend in classroom

10.Percentage of training costs spent on managers

11.Percentage of training courses that match organizational requirements

12.Percentage of training programmes achieving customers' desired business outcomes.

13.Percentage trainees receiving manager briefing prior to attendance

14.Average number of training hours per employee

15.Average training costs per employee

16.Classroom based learning and development time per FTE

17.Company training expenditure as Percentage of salaries and wages.

18.Cost per Learning Hour Used

19.Ratio of internal versus external training

20.Subsidization effectiveness for training

21.Training courses delivered by internal experts by external sources

22.Training penetration rate

23.Training staff to total employees ratios


Looking forward to your comments, discussions, suggestions!

If you are new to Learning tech products, watch this space for our amazing product from SAP

SuccessFactors to inspire a culture of continuous learning for your most valuable asset of your

organization: "The People"

So, Let's create Learning environment where our people can thrive with SAP SuccessFactors

Learning with an eye on these KPIs ! Unleash the power of Learning analytics with these KPIs..!!!




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