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The overall calculated ratings provided in Goal section & Competency section visibility can be customized in summary section.

There was a requirement from client asking the possibility to hide the calculated rating of Goal section & Competency section in the summary section as they don't want employee to distinguish the ratings for each section.

Steps to hide the calculated section rating

Please follow the below steps to hide the calculated section rating:

  • Navigate to "Manage Templates" and click on specific section of which the calculated rating is not required to display in summary section.

  • Under advanced options disable "Display calculated section rating" for goal section

advanced options in Goal section

  • Under advanced options disable "Show Calculated Section Rating" for Competency section

advanced option in Competency section

  • Once "Display calculated section rating" in goal section & Show Calculated Section Rating" in Competency section are disabled then the summary section will not display the overall calculated section rating (As per screenshot below).Summary section without rating

  • Visibility of Summary section when both "Display calculated section rating" in goal section & "Show Calculated Section Rating" in competency section are enabled.                                                     Summary section with rating. 

Hope this article clarifies how you could customize the visibility of ‘Calculated section Rating’ of objective & competencies in the Summary Section. Hope the above approach helps with your Business Needs.

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Note: The images in the blog are taken from internal Demo Instances and owned by me.

If you have any questions, please let me know.
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