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This article is a simple one on uploading extended user information in EC. It can save some time (unlike me breaking my head to find a simple thing)


Some of user personal information like Certificate and Licences can be uploaded in EC and displayed in the Employee portal; for bulk upload, data can be loaded via Import Extended User Information.


The template can be downloaded using 'Download Data Import File Template'

The template once downloaded will look something like this. Delete the unwanted Rows and Cells and create your data file

^UserId insideWorkExperience startDate endDate title department
^UserId outsideWorkExperience startDate endDate startTitle employer businessType
^UserId education grad formalcountry school degree major
^UserId courses course institution instructionType length enddate
^UserId certificates startDate endDate description licencenumber
^UserId awards name description institution issueDate
^UserId languages language speakingProf readingProf writingProf
^UserId funcExperience experience years comments
^UserId leadExperience experience years people dollars comments


Data file to look some thing like this

^UserId certificates startDate endDate description licencenumber
10000 certificates 07/11/2017 07/11/2018 Driving Licences 1234567
10000 certificates 07/11/2017 07/11/2018 First Aid Active


the second column differentiates the kind of data you are loading for employee within extended information.  Once your file is ready save it in a CSV format and load the same


You can either load incremental data or full purge

Incremental - 

Full Purge - 

Select your file and click on Import Extended User Information.  If your file has any errors that it will display on the same screen after you click on import extended user Data File. 

Note that there is no option to validate the data before uploading it.



  1. If your second column does not have any data. In this case, it is 'certificates'

2.  If the User id does not exist

3.  If there is an inconsistency between the start date and end date

Once the data is corrected you can load the file and check employee records.

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