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This blog post covers the scenario wherein the Admin role has imported the content in LMS and assign the item to the employee.      

The course has been launched by the employee successfully. When the admin fetched the Online item Status report. There is a variation in the Time spent, number of attempts in the report. 

The objective is to detect from where the variation is getting captured in the LMS reports (Online item Status). It can be browser or content     

Below is the Online item Status report variation in the Time spent, number of attempts


The screenshot is from the LMS system when report is launched 

Points to be Noted:

  • There are two types of content dynamic and static content

  • In the static content, there won’t be any response from the content

    • example: For the instructor-led item, the learning completion would be marked by admin or instructor in the LMS

    • For the document, the system will pop up the completion status

    • The static content can be downloaded or can not be download depends on the setting

  • Dynamic content will communicate the learning completion status to the learning management system

    • Dynamic content has an inbuilt player so the content cannot be downloaded or shared

    • Communication is occurring between the content and learning management system. For the communication API is used and below mentioned is the Flow of communication.

Note: In this scenario, the reference point is dynamic content


In order to track the content, an HTTP log is used. There are two tools which are available for content tracking - Fiddler and HTTP trace, both are licensed version. However, fiddler has a free version for the limited period

Reference Fiddler ( )

Step 1: Launch the content from LMS. Once the content is on Browser click F12, below mentioned screen would popup. Take the HTTP logfile from the browser

The screenshot is from the LMS system when the course is launched 

Step2: Upload the HTTP log file to the fiddler

The screenshot is from the LMS system when the course is launched 


Step3: Once the file is uploaded. The data value can be viewed: Time spent, learning completion, score, student ID, version, and objective. it will also show where is the variation in content or browser 

The screenshot is from the LMS system when the course is launched 

Take away: Best Practices to be followed by the consultant are below

  • What type of content

  • Which browsers are enabled for the content?

  • Is the content Mobile-enabled?

I have shared my experience to put all the pointers together and hope you like this post. I would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below and share your experiences of your learnings and recommendations  Happy Learning