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I realized the other day that I have been helping customers implement Employee Central for nearly 7 years.  Before that, I spent over 20 years working on SAP HR implementations.  Even though exactly no one has asked me, it seems to me that if I am qualified to do anything in this world, it would be to weigh in on how these two solutions compare and contrast with one another.  And given that the communication trend is to communicate through lists, I thought I would package my thoughts into a countdown: Top 5 reasons to switch from SAP HR to SuccessFactors Employee Central.

The reasons I chose are ones that I find particularly compelling as an implementor helping customers. I'm sure there are others with more strategic importance or more demonstrable ROI. But as someone who has done over 20 of these implementations, I have my opinions.

I try to sprinkle in a little humor, but the main takeaway I hope that everyone gets is just how much more nimble cloud solutions can be than even the best on-premise ones.