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The main purpose of Job Profile Builder in Recruitment is used to pre-populate the Job Ads in the external and internal career portals. It helps in easily structuring and maintaining the description of the job. It can also include competencies, interview questions and many more details visible only to recruiting users as a reference and not in the career portal.

This blog focuses on high level steps, tips and some experiences I had with Job Profile integration with Recruitment. It does not include comprehensive details to set up Job Profile Builder and Requisition. Please refer to the respective implementation guides for the same.

The following are the steps to build job descriptions using job profile builder.

  1. Link Job Profile to Requisition

  2. Create a Family and Role

  3. Assign a Job Code to Role

  4. Create a Job Profile Template

  5. Create a Job Profile

  6. Define jobCode and jobRole fields in Requisition Template

1. Link Job Profile to Requisition

In order to make Job Profiles available in Requisition the following setting must be turned on.

Admin Tools->Manage Recruiting Settings->Use Job Profiles in Requisitions

Tip: If any error is encountered when viewing Job Profile from Requisition in development instance, turn off this setting to delink Job Profile and Requisition. When this setting is turned on later, everything will be in place and nothing would be lost. This can be one of the troubleshooting steps.

2. Create a Family and Role

Create a Job Family and Job Role in Admin Center -> Company Settings -> Job Profile Content.

Families and Roles can also be imported in bulk through Admin Center -> Company Settings -> Job Profile Content Import/Export.

3. Assign a Job Code to Role

Assign a job code to a role by selecting a role from Job Profile Content.

There could be one or multiple job codes assigned to a role. The Type shown in above screen is defaulted to JOBCODE when a job code is assigned by clicking on Add Job Code link. But when assigning Job codes to Roles using Admin Center -> Company Settings -> Job Profile Content Import/Export, the type can either be set as JOBCLASSIFICATION or JOBCODE.

TIP: I have noticed that the functionality remains the same if the type is either JOBCODE or JOBCLASSIFICATION. I did not find any documentation explaining the difference.

If EC is implemented, the system accepts only the job codes defined in Job Classification MDF objects. Without EC, the system accepts only those job codes that are assigned to users in the system. In non EC scenario job codes are assigned to users through Manage Users or People Profile or Import Employee Data.

4. Create Job Profile Template

A job profile template is required to create a job profile. It defines the structure of a job profile. A job profile template is created through Admin Center -> Company Settings -> Manage Job Profile Template. A job profile template can be assigned with multiple job families. But a job family can be linked to only one job profile template.

A job profile template can hold multiple sections as below

The data maintained in Job Profile Content, like Skills, Education, etc can be displayed in the Job Profile.

Tip: Many organizations have  job descriptions already available when implementing SuccessFactors. That data must be maintained as job profiles. Certain sections, for eg the skills and education, will be very descriptive and will be difficult to maintain in the Job Content skills or education or the corresponding content type. In such scenarios simply use Long Description section instead of Skills or Education sections.

The sections added in Job Profile Template are available in Job Requisition only if Show in Job Requisition is checked. Some sections like the Competencies and Interview Questions must be visible to recruiting users as a reference but not in the job ad. In such cases uncheck the boxes Show in external posting and Show in internal posting.

Note that Interview Questions are only available in Job Profile under Job Requisition. They do not flow to Interview Central for Interviewers to refer.

5. Create a Job Profile

Job Profiles are created through Admin Center -> Company Settings -> Manage Job Profiles. One job profile is linked to only one family and role. The corresponding job profile template based on the selected family is pulled and is available for editing to add details in various sections.


6. Define jobCode and jobRole fields in Requisition Template

Though defining jobCode and/or jobRole fields in the requisition template is not mandatory, defining them helps the recruiting users to change the job profile even after the requisition is created.

In the requisition changing the job code will automatically update the job role and vice versa.

The below screen comes up when the update button of either Job Code or Job Role is clicked.

Select Job Family followed by Job Role and Job Code.

Note that Job Profile is tied with a job role and not a job code. When a job role has 2 job codes, selecting either of the codes do not change the job profile. Clicking the select button will add a job profile or job description to the requisition and updates the internal and external job title of the requisition. Job Profile linked to requisition can be navigated through Job Profile tab in Job Requisition details page.

Few more takes…

Tip: When a job profile is linked to the requisition, a copy of job profile gets created in the background. So changes made to the original job profile in Manage Job Profiles are not reflected in the job profiles that are already linked.

Sections on job profile can also be edited in requisition. These changes will be local to the requisition.

Competencies can added/deleted in the requisition’s job profile. If the Job profile is enabled in Requisitions, competencies section is moved to Job Profile tab.

Tip: For recruiters, or whoever is going to make changes to job profile in requisition, to add/delete competencies in the job profiles linked to requisition the following RBP permissions must be given to them.

Otherwise the system does not allow to change the competencies and Loading… happens forever. To me, this seems to be a bug.

Once the Header and Footers are maintained and the job code/role holding a job profile is selected, the job ad will be ready. A preview of the ad is visible through the Internal Job Posting Preview and External Job Posting Preview links on the top right of the Requisition details page.

Job Profile Builder is a powerful and easy tool to use and I would highly recommend to incorporate in your implementation. Hope you find this blog helpful!

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