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Sometimes the reports are accidently got deleted and it requires lot of effort to re-build the same reports. Successfactors come up with options to recover these deleted reports.

Reports Table

Deleting the report " Test_Adhoc_Report"

Once the report deleted, Navigate to "Restore Deleted Reports" , this is controlled by RBP.

Administrator Permissions ->Manage Dashboards / Reports -> Report Admin

Only Reports - Table and Reports Custom can be Restored by this option.

Select the report which needs to be restored and click on "Make Active", the report will be restored and available in Report Center.


Its always best practice to download the report template using the Export option. If the "Restore Deleted Reports" option is not enabled then this exported template can be imported.


Reports - Canvas

There is no direct way to restore the deleted canvas reports like Report tables. Canvas Reports are based on the concept of Pages. We are building canvas reports by adding multiple pages in page designer. Once we delete the Canvas report, the pages associated with it will become an Orphan (Not associated with any reports).

Here we have one canvas report created Test_Canvas_Report  with page name Test_Canvas_Report-Page#1. By default the page name will be Reportname-Page#1. This can be modified using Edit page properties option.

Delete the report.

Once the report get deleted, the page Test_Canvas_Report-Page#1 becomes an Orphan, Now create a new report and add this Orphan page to it.

Page-> Add Existing Page

Select the page from the Orphan pages drop down menu and click on Copy. This page will be added to the report.

Once the Orphan page added we can rename the report if required.


As mentioned earlier, another option is to import the report template that was exported earlier. Import ->select the file then import it by clicking Import button. Now this report will be available in the report center.


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