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Problem Statement


A lot of clients implementing SuccessFactors EC Payroll have requirements to navigate to Payslip page from external applications, intranet sites or else from EC home page tile.


Navigation to payslip page is not in the SuccessFactors standard deep links and also the deep links take user to the home page with personal information (or first block in people profile) displayed.

Alternates available

  1. Use the standard deep link URL to navigate person to people profile, request them to scroll down to Compensation / Payroll information and click the link to Payslip page

  2. Try and implement the suggestion on enhancing option # 1 by following this blog post by dharmin.thakkar

    • Bypassing the hardcoded user may come in as a challenge.


** Update - as of 1H2021 release, we now have a URL link available to navigate to payslip directly without manufacturing URL - https://<hostname>/sf/latestpayperiod

We can manufacture URL to directly navigate to Payslip page within SuccessFactors EC application pointing to the Payslip in EC-Payroll with below steps:


Manufactured URL


Where :  

UGF5IFN0YXRlbWVudA== “Pay Statement” in Base64 encoded value (can be hardcoded)
Y2dyYW50ZQ%3D%3D User ID of Employee (in this case cgrante) in Base64 encoded value and then encoded in HTTP URL format
1710 Job Info company code assigned to Employee SuccessFactors host from base URL - Should be kept dynamic per environment


Known Issue

There is a known issue wherein if a person is not already logged into SuccessFactors, then this URL redirect takes them to Landing page of SuccessFactors post login.


How to resolve the above known issue:

  • With SAP Cloud Platform extension application

    • With SCP app, we have SuccessFactors as IdP

    • Create an application which redirects to this URL with"<manufacturedPayslipURL>")

    • When user logs in, they are authenticated against SuccessFactors and thus Cookie is set in browser

    • Redirect to <manufacturedPayslipURL> from SCP is seamless

  • With Customer application

    • In case of a customer intranet application, open a tab within browser (possibly a pop-up) to authenticate against SuccessFactors or corporate IdP that SuccessFactors trusts

    • Once done Cookies are set in browser, close pop-up and redirect to <manufacturedPayslipURL>


Architecture for SAP Cloud Platform application:

** Please note -

  • This is sample architecture diagram, may vary based on client specific SSO implementations

  • IAS, SSO and SCPI are not prerequisites for this URL redirect to work

Sample Architecture



With above approaches, we can navigate successfully to any Employee's payslip page.

Payslip page Redirect

If going with option of SAP Cloud platform application, we have tested it with Home page tile and the redirect works like a charm!


A special mention to ishaan.gread and vishalkapoor  for help and testing this manufactured URL with seamless navigation using SCP application.



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