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Here is the list of most useful SAP SuccessFactors LMS Knowledge Based Articles (KBA). These KBAs will help you to gain extensive knowledge about LMS and various configuration processes of SuccessFactors Learning Management System.  You will also see these articles getting updated based on half yearly releases or patch upgrades.

Bookmark the links to refresh your knowledge before you kickstart your next SuccessFactors LMS implementation.

Here is the list:

KBA Number Description

Domain Security Best Practices - Learning Administration

The most important! As you know, the ownership of data is with the LMS Administrators and is dependent on domain Structure, Domain Restrictions and Roles. This article will help you to understand, the approach, and will help you to resolve issues with configuring Domain Security

Assignment Profiles Best Practices - Learning Administration

Assignment Profiles, the powerful tool, allow organizations to automate the assignment learning content to groups of users who share common learning needs. This Knowledge Base Article will provide an overview of, assist with configuration of, and resolve issues with Assignment Profiles.

iContent Launch URL Prefix for each datacentre to be used in Deployment Location

This KBA covers the list of URL Prefixes needed to be used in the deployment location for each respective Datacentre. If you want are keen to know about how to set up a deployment location, then, KBA: 2251749 will help with the process.

LMS Notifications Knowledge Support and Tips

This KBA is all about of LMS Notifications. The LMS installs with several system-defined notification templates that address most events (such as learning events, security events, and administrative events). You can adjust the content of the messages through the administration interface. To know about, then you should not miss this article.

LMS - External User - PreConfig in LMS and BizX

This KBA outlines how to activate external ID in both LMS and Bizx. Also, bookmark, KBA: 2394530, to enable “External Learning User” feature.

Plateau Report Designer (PRD) Job Aids, Training and Guides

One place to find all about PRD, this will redirect you to SF community and few other KBA’s which talks about PRD.

What Audit Reports are Available in SuccessFactors Learning?

This KBA lists out all the audit reports available in SuccessFactors Learning and explains you the purpose. This is a life saviour for most of the customers. Don’t forget to bookmark this!

FAQ - Default Approval Roles vs Custom Approval Roles

One more excellent KBA, this speaks all about approval processes and types of approvals.

Supported Characters in iContent File and Folder Names - LMS

The most ignored, but very important. The KBA is all about unsupported or problematic characters can corrupt the launch URL’s, or reasons causing 404 errors and other malfunctions. Keep yourself informed about all the supported or unsupported characters and know about IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) standards.

LMS: Impact of Theme Manager on New Admin UI

This KBA enables you to understand how the Theme Manager Impacts the New Learning Admin UI. Also, you will be able to find out the areas which are not impacted by the Theme Manager.

New Admin UI - System Admin Menu Navigation Changes

The most happening! Yes, I feel most of us already bookmarked this, if not, please do it now!

This KBA will provide a list of all the changes that took place post b2005.

Also go thru the below KBA – these are all life saviours

2908693 - New Admin UI - Master Menu Navigation Changes

New Admin UI - List of updated labels

The labels were changed/updated in the new Learning Administration User Interface with the b2005 (H1 2020) release. his article will provide at the time of the b2005 upgrade, the Label ID, The November 2019 Value, and the April 2020 value. This is only for reference and this list will not be updated going forward.

LMS Connectors Knowledge Support and Tips

Helps you to brush up your connectors knowledge, includes everything from basic topics like, What are the Connectors in the LMS and for what we use it for?

New Admin UI - Primary Repository

This KBA acts like a master repository, this will provide links to all other Learning Administration b2005 (First Half 2020) non-Flash replacement of the user interface articles. One of the best KBA’s, this is segmented by Learning Administration Menu sections as best as possible.

Learning Administration – Recommendations Best Practices 

This KBA outlines all about “Recommendations” feature in LMS

LMS - Internet Explorer, Edge and Chrome settings to launch online content

All about your initial browser settings before your launch SuccessFactors LMS system.

IDP: SAP SuccessFactors Learning: Impact of implementing SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central

This SAP note will redirect you to download IDP document. The document is all about best practices that should be considered while implementing SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central for a customer who is already live with SAP SuccessFactors Learning

Hope this blog will add some value to your implementations and will help to refresh your knowledge. See you soon with a new blog. Please stay safe.
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