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Background: Now a days many organizations use SuccessFactors Internal Hire (Crossboarding) functionality. Whenever employee changes their department, takes new role there may be ask of onboarding functionality for the employee due to change of Job, Management, Compensation etc. In this blog I am going to discuss the basic configuration steps for Internal Hire process in SuccessFactors ONB2.0.

Various factors which can be used as the driver of Internal Hire/ Crossboarding:

  1. Event Reason(s).

  2. Change of field value in Employee Job Information, Employment Details & Compensation Information Portlet.

Configuration steps:

Step1: Event Reason Set Up for Transfer.

Go to Admin centre  Manage Organisation, Pay and Job Structures. Create the relevant Event Reason(s) for Transfer. Sample Event Reason below.


Note: For any type of Transfer Event Reason make sure you are using the Event Called as Transfer & the status is Active. If you are using Event Reason Derivation functionality, make sure that the transfer event reason is set properly in the Event Reason Derivation Rule.

Step 2: Set Up Email Notifications.

To Configure the relevant email & triggering conditions for Internal Hire go to Admin Centre  Email Services. Select the email template called as “(ONB) Crossboarding - User Welcome Message Template”. Based on your need set the email content, CC, BCC, relevant Rules, Priority etc. Sample email template below:

Step 3: Business Rule Configuration for Initiate Internal Hire & Employee Central Event.

Create a Business Rule to Initiate Internal Hire Process. Make sure that the Rule Scenario selected as “Initiate Internal Recruit Configuration”. In the rule you can consider the logic based on business need. Sample rule is below where Internal Hire will be triggered whenever Employee Hire date is on or after 01/01/1900.

Note: In the above-mentioned Rule we can see that Job Information & Employment Details are available as Rule Parameter. We can utilize these Parameters to Set the criteria to trigger the Internal Hire in complex business process. The above sample rule is very basic rule which can be customized based on the business need.

One more rule for Trigger Transfer Event needs to be configured  with “Job Information Model” as base object. This rule needs to be assigned on “PostSave” under “jobinfo” HRIS element in “Manage Business Configuration”. Sample rule below where Transfer Event is triggered when Event Reason is Transfer or there is location change or Supervisor Change.


Manage Business Configuration assignment

All Set. Let’s Test it: Test Employee Sam Martin.

Latest Job Information Record for the employee.

Location is changed from Take Action in Employee Central.

Record after Location Change.

Once the record is saved in the data base Onboarding Admin can see that Sam is appearing under the Onboarding Dashboard.


The above-mentioned configurations are very basic configuration steps for Internal Hire (Crossboarding). In actual case the steps will be same, but the configuration would be different based on business need.


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