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Today is the 3rd installment in my series on SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central position reclassification. In part 1, I explained that position reclassification is the ability to update information on the employee and have the change synchronized back to the position he or she occupies. Position reclassification does not exist in SAP but does in SuccessFactors.

In part 2, we explain that SuccessFactors reclassification is not bulletproof. If you manually edit an existing employee record the position does not get updated. However, I demonstrated that I have created a solution that works around this limitation.

In part 3 (today!) we go through the technical details of the solution I have built. I am sharing the details in hopes that others may adopt and let me know if it works for them as it has at the client where we have implemented it. If so, I'm hoping SuccessFactors will take notice and prioritize adding similar functionality to the product.
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