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Customers follow different models given by SAP which includes Full Cloud, Hybrid Cloud or Side by Side. When customers follow hybrid approach, they usually implement talent modules in SuccessFactors and keeps the core HR and Payroll in their legacy system. In this blog we have assumed legacy system as SAP HR on-premise.

Please note that it is important to adhere to the sequence given by SAP. You can read more about it here.

The first file to be loaded for Employee data is the Basic User import. It is also called as User Data file (UDF). This is the base file for all SuccessFactors (SFSF) modules.

There are 2 ids as given below in SuccessFactors (SFSF) Employee Central which are very important and needs to be mapped with legacy ids very carefully to make Concurrent employment (CE) and Global assignment (GA) work properly.

  1. Person ID (Person-id-external)

  2. User ID (userid)

In SAP HR on premise system we have Personnel number (PERNR) and Central Person (CP). For CE and GA scenarios the CP remains the same but new PERNR is created for new employment. Both PERNRs are related to same CP. Infotype 0709 in SAP HCM stores this relationship. You can consider Person id and User id in EC as CP and PERNR resp.

I have seen few customers who didn't follow this mapping when they implemented talent modules but when they planned to implement EC they realized that they have mapped CP and Pernr from on-premise to Userid and Person id resp.

SAP has suggested an approach to import global assigment cases. In SFSF EC, when employee goes on GA or CE the Person id remains the same but a new user id is created.

To implement SFSF Employee Central module the customers have to get the Person id swapped with User id and vice versa to make sure data for employees on GA or CE can be imported correctly in SAP SFSF EC.

This task of swapping the ids is not done by implementation partners. SAP does this task for customers.

Note 1: While you are waiting for SAP to swap the ids for you in the SFSF instance you can still carry on your mock conversions/Data imports by following this approach.

Note 2 : There are many customers for whom SAP has swapped the ids. They have a queue of such requests from all customers and a dedicated team to work on. If you raise such request with SAP please make a note that this may take anywhere between weeks to months.

Customers/Implementation partners have to map the IDs in the Basic User import and share with SAP for them to swap and fix it.

Once SAP has swapped the ids in the Basic user file/ User data file then customers/implementation partners need to make some fine adjustments (not discussed in this blog) to make sure other modules which are already live are not disrupted by the swapping of ids.
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