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Employee Central (EC) is by far the biggest module in the SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM) Suite. This cloud-based human resource information system (HRIS) software, updated half-yearly, can accommodate an organization’s changing workforce structure better than a traditional, on-premise software.

EC is a customizable yet an exhaustive module when it comes to its implementation. However, there are now many resources available to make the implementation process agile and smooth. All that is required of an EC consultant is to be up to date with the changes taking place in the software.


In the modern business environment, customer requirements/expectations have reached new heights, and it is the responsibility of any business to cater to those with utmost care. Relating this context to SuccessFactors EC, EC consultants need to handle the customized requirements meticulously while implementing, in order to achieve customer delight. Further below, I have tried to highlight one of many such customized requirements with an instance.


How to add a filter to People Pool category in Permission Group?

For instance, you want to add a new filter “Pay Type” in the People Pool category drop-down list while creating a new Permission Group.

Mentioned below are the steps to fulfil this requirement.


1. In the customer instance system, go to “Admin Center”.

Admin Center

2. Go to “Manage Business Configuration” using action search.

Manage Business Configuration

3. In the “Filters” section, go to Dynamic Group Filters > DGFilters.

4. Click on “Details” next to “Permission Group Filter” type.


5. Click on “Details” next to “Compensation Data” Hris Elements.

6. Add the “Pay Type” in the Hris Field Reference. Click on Done > Done > Save.

7. Go to “Manage Permission Groups” using action search or via Set User Permissions in Admin Center.

Manage Permission Groups

8. Click on “Create New”.

9. Under People Pool, click on “Pick a category” drop-down. Here, you will be able to see the added filter.

Note: It might take a few minutes to reflect the added filter in the drop-down.

Wrap Up

The document provides recommendations while configuring SuccessFactors EC.

For structured guidance and advice on how to address customer requirements, please visit customer community.