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Authorization management deals with permissions that are required to fulfill certain support-related tasks using the support applications that are offered in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad, for instance, report incidents.

Most authorizations contain not only the user's right to perform a specific task, but also the level at which the user can exercise this right.

A Cloud Administrator has all possible authorizations for SuccessFactors related tasks in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad and manages the other users for your customer number.

This article covers the following: 

Steps to Add authorizations 

Steps to delete authorizations


Add user and assign authorization:




Note: For first time users, the following will show up: 



Note: If you are already loggedin in the SAP Support Portal Home, go to Access my Launchpad: 

1. 'Access my Launchpad' shall bring you to ONE Support Launchpad page.
2. Scroll Down to SuccessFactors Administration.
3. Click on 'Support User Management' Tile: This will allow you to add a new user. 

Figure : Add new user: Go to ONE Support Launchpad > SuccessFactors- Administration > Support User Management


  • Click on Request User

  • Please provide the information


  • Granting authorization: Go to Users > Click on the authorization > Edit authorization> Click all/ assign the specific authorizations

  • To check: Go to existing authorization.

  • Once the authorization is given, the customer than provides the User ID shown next to the Added user’s name to the implementation consultant.


Delete authorizations

  • Follow till Granting Authorization.

  • Uncheck the authorizations that need to be revoked. 

  • Click save.

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